Photo and Video Replies to Stories

Time to take multimedia to the next level! Instagram is always ready to make your conversations easier. Therefore, every little thing you ask for improvement, you get it. Even though when all the features are still new for us, it feels natural. Although some of us go with the flow, others dare to imagine the future. It’s easy to imagine what could work better for the app. So, no wonder why photo and video replies to Stories are available now!

When a new feature is out, we think thousands of ways to make it better. In fact, it’s a common thing to find the Instagram community asking for the improvements they think are better. If there’s anything we can learn from Instagram, is its way to please the audience. Smartly and quickly, they fill all of our expectations. Even though they don’t do it all at the same time, we thank every single piece of new features.

As you may know, Instagram Stories is a powerful tool today. Besides, by adding this new functionality, it becomes a segmentation asset too. From now on, thanks to photo and video replies to stories, you can create more personal bonds with your audience. But first, we have to tell you what is this new element about.

What can I do now?

Previously, you could only respond to your friend’s Stories with a text message. It wasn’t boring, but sometimes, what we need to say, we can’t explain it with words. Thus, we always feel like something is missing. That something is photo and video replies. Now, our wish came true, and responses are even better. Eventually, when you see your friend’s Stories, you can send a picture or video, instead of a boring text.

Photo and Video Replies to Stories

How does it work?

It’s effortless! When watching to a friend’s story, press the new camera icon and start your creativity moment. Don’t worry. All the camera’s unique elements are there. So, you can either send a normal pic, add stickers, face filters, and send a boomerang or rewind. Plus, yo can add a story’s sticker and place it wherever you want in your reply.

Same as for standard answers, when a friend sends photos and videos replies, you’ll see it in your Inbox. Don’t worry! The story’s sticker is only available for you to watch. So, your friend only can make fun of you just with yourself. Awesome, right? Also, if you take a screenshot, your friend will know.

Photo and Video Replies to Stories

The big news is that this update is available for Instagram version 10.28 both Android and iOS. So, the first step you need to take before anything else is to go and update your version! Please tell us what you think about this feature and send some thoughts about the creative way to use it.


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