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An amazing movement we see today on Instagram is the one represented by Photoshop artists. We don’t mean to those who only retouch picture but those who dare to create art from retouching and replacing. Hence, we’ve got a new and significant wave of revolutionary Photoshop Artists breaking the walls of thinking. They’re ready to represent our most hidden thoughts to make fun of influential characters. So, they’re willing to defy every pattern and touch the untouchable. Are you ready too?


You might not recognize this artist now, but probably after the next lines. A few months ago, Rihanna reposted a series of pictures with her body, but with the head of somebody else. This person was Elizabeth I, queen of England. Immediately, the image became viral and everybody wanted more. As a result, this artist created more images like that, and the internet freaked out! Well, that artist is @freddiemade and has more content like that,  you’re going to love it surely.
Photoshop Artists


Naturally, we can find a thousand Photoshop artists with many creations. But, why selecting @naropinosa? Simple, he creates the perfect combinations between two references we never dared to imagine. Once you see one of his creations like the one below, effectively, a part of your brain is going to wake up. Therefore, things that look like don’t have something in common become very reliable. Ultimately, we can experience many different sensations we didn’t know we could feel.
Photoshop Artists


No, it’s not a Dalí’s unreleased picture, but indeed, it looks like it is. Instead, we’re seeing an amazing creation from one person that loves to Photoshop great artists into modern situations. Furthermore, he loves to reunite collective faces of the art world and put them together in something like a “Friends” (tv series) photograph. If you want more like the one below, you will find Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh and many others acting like modern models. Besides, all of their tattoos he makes are part of the artists’ famous paintings.
Photoshop Artists


Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Who would have dared to compare Casper with one of the greatest film makers of all times? But, isn’t it right, though? We even start to wonder if Casper was based on Hitchcock. Perhaps he’s a close representation of the greatest horror films makers because Casper is a ghost at the end. And, a ghost is part of the biggest horror’s spectrum. Both characters seem defenseless, but both represent the same nature. Thank you, for this amazing piece.
Photoshop Artists


Tenderness, melancholy, and innocence are the first things that come to our minds when seeing this image. But, let’s go beyond. Of course, this is part of our childhood, so it’s almost impossible to go beyond. But, let’s place us in the present as grown ups we are. If you saw the real La, La, Land, then you know it’s something about broken paths in the land of the dreams. And joined to Peter Pan, it’s telling us the similarity between Neverland and Los Angeles. Both are places made by dreams.
Photoshop Artists


Who needs Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner when we always have modern sculptures? It’s an amazing way to approach to the fashion world, especially, when it comes to some brand like Adidas. If you don’t know that name, you should be aware, at least, that their favorite phrase is “Impossible is nothing.” What a better way of representing that message than by using a famous sculpture?  Although, the artist doesn’t do this as a paid ad. But, it opens a new alternative of seeing brands’ representations.
Photoshop Artists


Perhaps, anonymous artist @sainthoax is the one you know from this list. The artist broke the Internet and Social Media platforms in record time, thanks to their ironical images of modern and polemic figures. From Katy Perry to the Trumps and The Pope, Nicki Minaj and Snow White. He set the trend with its style and narrative. It ridicules the preconceptions we have from “untouchable” characters. Thus, it gives us the release of thinking what we want and express our personal opinions.
Photoshop Artists


Classic art pieces are the favorites for this artist as the candidates for a Photoshop surgery. A shocking painting like the original seems entirely accurate to relate to the characters of the month. The world stopped for watching the art as much as it stopped to watch “the big fight.” So, no wonder why it’s a fantastic piece. He does the same with other influential people who become trendy. It’s an amazing exercise to represent how human beings see trends.
Photoshop Artists

There you have your daily doses of inspiration! We want you to keep digging into this amazing world of artists, so you can find a guide to work with. The primary purpose of Social Media is to defy the limits of contents. Thence, it’s up to you to take the challenge or not.


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