Instagram post takedowns

Instagram has finally come up with a solution to stop people from unfairly getting certain posts being taken down from the platform. You see, the photo-sharing app makes it easy for users to report content we don’t think should be allowed. However, the truth is that often, people don’t really make good use of this feature.

For instance, if a person says or does something that the Instagram community doesn’t like, they risk being reported and having their posts taken down. But, that’s not where it ends. As a matter of fact, users also have the power to shut down whole accounts. Now, remember Jessy Taylor? She’s the perfect example of what happens when a lot of people decide to report the same account on Instagram.

To summarise, Jessy Taylor is an influencer that most users just don’t like. So, they decided to report her account and managed to have it deleted. In other words, the report feature is often used as a tool for personal vendetta. Fortunately, Instagram has launched a new update that allows people to appeal post takedowns. And here’s everything you need to know. 

Post Takedowns On Instagram
Instagram accounts can also be taken down. Still, you can appeal to have it restored as well. 

How Does It Work? 

So, here’s the most important question of all. How does it work? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. In case one of your posts is taken down, Instagram will give you the chance to request a review. Then, the platform will take its time to determine whether or not the content that was removed violated any of their policies.

Finally, they will have the post reviewed a second time, and get back to you with an answer as to whether or not you can have your post back. That’s pretty much it. So far, there’s no information regarding how long Instagram could take to review each case. But, we’re assuming the process should at most last one week.

Other Platforms

Instagram is actually one of the very last platforms to add this option to their code. As a matter of fact, Facebook implemented this feature in April 2018. And YouTube did it back in 2010. 

However, it’s better now than never. Last of all, we need to consider that as a new feature, the content appeal tool still needs a lot of improvement. In fact, Instagram has made it clear that at the moment, users can only request the platform to review cases regarding nudity posts. 

But, there’s really nothing to worry about. After all, it will be just a matter of time until the platform expands to other areas.

Social media content appeal


The content appeal tool will also let users appeal accounts takedowns in the future. Basically, we will be able to do it all from within our phones. Unfortunately, we don’t know how long it will take for the platform to implement this into the feature, but we can say for sure that it’s already a fact. 

Now, if by any chance your Instagram account has been taken down. You can make an appeal by clicking this link. If a mistake has been made, you will have your account back within days. 


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