Does Instagram Spy On You?
Does Instagram spy on you?

Should You Worry About Your Privacy On Instagram?

Instagram, as well as other social media platforms, has become an important part of our lives. In fact, the average person checks Instagram at least twice a day.

But, do we ever stop to think about our privacy? Many users enjoy using Instagram without even thinking about whether or not they are being spied on.

And the worst part is that in some cases, people simply don’t care. Now, we know for a fact that social media platforms use our information for different purposes. Most of the time, it all comes down to what we know as publicity.

Such platforms would check over our interests and use that information to later show us ads of things we probably like, and honestly, that is totally fine. But what happens when those sites where we put our trust, betray our confidence?

Well, today we will analyse the topic and give you the answer to the golden question –  does Instagram spy on you?

Instagram is listening

Spy Definition

First of all, let’s uncover the real meaning of the word spy. According to the site, the use of the word spy as a verb refers to the action of listening or watching what a person says or does in secret.

With this being said, we would be correct in saying that agencies such as the NSA or the FBI spy on us. But what about social media platforms? In this particular case, what about Instagram?

We will cover that in just a second.

Does Instagram spy on you?

Does Instagram Spy On You?

Now that we have an understanding of what the word spy as a verb means, it is time to uncover the big mystery and determine whether Instagram spy on us or not.

In order to do that we need to go to our play store or app store, and search for the photo-sharing app. Once we have found it, all that is left to do is scroll down until we see the permit details option.

Simply tap it, and you will be able to see all the things Instagram can access on your phone.

does instagram spy on us?

Now, among those things, you will notice that Instagram can access your camera and your microphone as well. In fact, under each icon, there is a short description on what the app will do when accessing these things.

And in this particular case, by installing Instagram, we are allowing the app to record audio and take pictures and videos. In other words, we are giving the app our permission to do such things.

Therefore, Instagram does not spy on us.

Why Does Instagram Need Access To Our Camera And Microphone?

The answer to this question is much simpler than you would imagine. Instagram requires permission to access our phone camera and microphone so that they can send us publicity things that we might be interested in.

Now, it is known that since the rumours about Instagram spying on us started, many people decided to run experiments. In such experiments, different users would open up the app and talk about wanting to buy something.

Interesting enough, minutes later the app would suggest the user a post in which “that something” was for sale.

instagram permit details

Should We Worry?

Honestly, it really depends on how you feel about the situation. We totally understand that privacy is indeed something of huge importance and nothing or no one should violate it.

However, it is important to understand that when it comes to Instagram, and many other social apps really, we are the ones deciding whether to let them use things that can invade our privacy or not.

If you are worried about an app listening to your conversations, we strongly advise you to check the permit details before installing it on your phone.

does instagram listen to our conversations?

Final Thoughts

We cannot deny that Instagram is an excellent app. However, the fact that they have access to some important features on our phones makes some people feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, it is important for you to consider how much you care about your privacy. The power is in your hands.


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