Buying real Instagram followers part 2
Buying real Instagram followers - was round two any better?

Instagram is one of those platforms where anyone can grow and succeed. Last time, I did an experiment to see how effective it was to buy followers online. Unfortunately, the results were not what I expected. As a matter of fact, I ended up getting a pig in a poke. (You can read the article by clicking here)

However, there are tons of sites online from where one can buy Instagram followers. So, I will try to do the experiment a second time and see what happens. 

How to get 1000 followers on Instagram


This time I will be testing a different website called Similar to the one I tried the first time, Instashop also claims to deliver “REAL” Instagram followers. 

The website is secure and they accept pretty much any type of payment. As a matter of fact, not only can you pay with a credit or debit card, but also with Paypal and even Crypto Wallet.

So for this review, I will buy their smallest package ($1.99 – 250 followers) and see what happens.

Real Instagram Followers 2


I have now bought the 250 followers that this website promises to deliver. But, I am yet to review the results and see whether or not I got “real followers” for the price I paid. So, let’s examine a few aspects of their service and determine how effective this website really is.

Payment methods to buy Instagram followers

Time of Delivery

First of all, let’s talk about the time it took for “Instashop” to deliver the agreed number of followers. So, unlike the first website I reviewed, Instashop didn’t give me an estimate of how long I would have to wait before getting my order. 

Therefore, I decided to buy blindly and wait for as long as I had to. However, as soon as I paid for the service, I was informed that it could take up to 48 hours before processing the payment and delivering my order. 

Instagram real followers vs bots

Initially, I thought, okay this might be good. Maybe if they are going to take this much time, then I will probably get actual real followers. Either way, I decided to start my stopwatch and proceeded to refresh my Instagram profile every 30 seconds. 

I was convinced nothing was going to happen for at least a few hours. But, I was wrong. As a matter of fact, the minute I refreshed my profile, my number of followers started to grow. 

Evidently, this meant that I would get my order within a few minutes. So, I just sat for a while and waited patiently. Eventually, I received the number of followers I was promised and stopped the stopwatch. The exact time of delivery ended up being 13 min and 54 seconds.

This was almost double the time it took for me to receive my followers from the first website I reviewed. But to be fair, this time I was paying for almost double the followers that I bought the first time. So, I guess there’s nothing to complain about here.

Instagram followers delivery time


Now let’s talk about the most important aspect of all – followers. Did I get real followers as this website promised? Well, much like the site I reviewed before this one, the answer is no. I didn’t get real followers from Instashop either.

However, I did receive more bots than I asked for. You see, at this point it’s pretty easy to know when you are getting bots rather than real Instagram followers. And as I expected, that’s basically what I got –  a bunch of bots. 

But then again, I got an increased number of those bots than I expected. Initially, the first website I reviewed landed me 121 fake followers. But, over the days that number decreased to 103.

So, since I bought 250 “real” followers from this new site, (Instashop), I expected to only have 353 followers in the end. Instead, that number went up to 370. 

Instagram fake followers

Unfortunately, this will not benefit me in any way. After all, I just received a bunch of bots from another website claiming to deliver real Instagram followers.

Now, just as I did with Famoid, I also tried to find at least one authentic account that I could follow back and send a message. The overall idea was to ask that person how he or she decided to follow me.

But, this time, I didn’t have any luck. In fact, the more I scrolled down, the more I realised that I had just been played. None of the accounts following me were actually real people. So, with nothing more to do, I decided to move to the next step of this experiment and test the interaction. Here’s what happened.

Instagram fake followers


So, in order to test whether or not my new “real followers” would interact with my content, I needed to post something new. And so I did – I opened up Instagram on my phone and selected one of the food pics that I have stored in my gallery. This time, I chose to post a Peruvian traditional dish “Causa Rellena.”

Finally, I added a filter and wrote some tags. Now, it was just a matter of waiting. Sadly, an hour went by, but none of my new followers seemed to be interested. 

Instead, I got a couple of likes from people who found my post through the hashtags.

Final Thoughts

There was nothing indicating to me that the results from Instashop would be different from any other website that sells followers. Still, I decided to try their service and came to the conclusion that it’s not worth it. 

Once again, I received bots that will not do anything other than just make my profile look a bit more “popular.” Also, as I waited for an hour to see if someone interacted with my new post, my follower count decreased from 370 to 355. 

In a nutshell, the website kind of does what it promises to do, but not in its totality. On one hand, they do give you the number of followers you pay for.

But on the other hand, those followers are not actually real. So, if you were to ask me: Should I buy followers from this website? My answer would once again be a simple NO.



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