How to Repost a Picture on Instagram

How to repost your pictures

Do you know how to repost a picture on Instagram? Well, Repost App is an app designed exactly to address this function. Repost App helps you repost the image of other Instagram users on to your Instagram feed, while giving the photo credit to the original Instagram account.

So, how to use Repost App to repost an image on Instagram?

Here is a step by step guide:
1) First you need to download Repost app which is available in both IOS and Android platforms.

2) Then open your Instagram App and the post that want to repost. Then you need to select ”copy share url” after clicking on the three dots.  Once you tap that option you will receive a confirmation of the link being copied to clipboard.

3) Now Open the Repost App and you will see the URL that you copied in there. Select the color and position.

4) Next you need to tap on “Repost” option and select “Copy to Instagram”. This will direct you to classic IG platform.

5) On the platform you will have option to edit the image and add your captions.

6) It is very important to tag the person who originally posted the photo.

7) Finally you can tap on “Share” which will successfully repost an Instagram photo using the Repost App!

We’ll get back to you some more useful tips in our next Instagram Newsletter.


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