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Welcome to the @badgalriri world. Prepare yourself for learning from a singer that’s much more than that. Rihanna is a fashion icon, avant-garde musician, activist, and actress. She stepped into Instagram as the famous artist she is, and soon enough, moved from Influencer and Brand Ambassador to a creator. It means, now, other famous people are the ones representing her brands.

A master of this era, and inspiration for so many people around the world. She’s entitled to one of the best Instagram’s accounts. Also, there’s something special about her profile. You’ll see, she applies several Social Media strategies, but always in the shape of spontaneous content. She also adores seeing what her fans make, like fan art, videos, pictures, memes, and so on. So, stick with us and learn one thing or two from Rihanna’s awesome Instagram moments.


1.  The Malawi trip

Africa is a favorite destination for musicians. Its cultural richness is undeniable, and everyone wants a part of it. Rihanna couldn’t be out of that group of famous people visiting this part of the world. Therefore, the artist took her time to go to Malawi and spread the helping spirit. Although it’s not the first time she stands by, this trip was special. We can see some of the moments on her Instagram account. Also, you can see a full video on her YouTube channel.


2. Mix between the Queen and Riri

We saw a lot of photomontages so far, but this one, in particular, is hilarious. Some internet genius created a series of images with Rihanna’s great outfits pics and put the head of the Queen. Thus, since Rihanna is famous for sharing her fan’s art, she couldn’t resist to it. As a result, we could laugh several days with all the images she posted. Thank you, for showing us these work of art, RiRi!

3. Empire State of mind

You can assure you’re one of the coolest persons on earth when a picture of you is covering the Empire State. On the other hand, it’s not just a picture of you. It’s an iconic photo from an iconic magazine. In fact, it means you’re talented, beautiful and a legend. So, thanks to Harpers Bazaar for the amazing projection, and thank you RiRi for lighting up the famous building.


4. Support your friends

Nowadays, Kendrick Lamar doesn’t need much introduction, because he’s already famous for himself. Anyway, our music princess can’t keep quiet when some of her friends are bringing sweet stuff to the world. Therefore, she supported his friend’s new album, “Damn,” by posting the cover. Of course, she also wrote some emotional words, and we had no more remedy than going straight to listen to the album. Oh, Kendrick, you’re such a lucky friend!


5. Behind the beautiful results

Everybody thinks that someone magically makes a fashion show. But, we almost never see the wizards behind the magic. That’s why Rihanna wanted to show her followers the insights of her fashion runway in Paris. In case you didn’t know, the singer is also a fashion designer for the prestigious brand, Puma. Sharing the behind the scenes is a fantastic strategy for anyone using Instagram because the world wants to see the real deal, not just the magic.


6. Liberty for all of you

Previously, we told you Rihanna shares a lot of her fan art. Thence, it’s not a surprise to also see funny images of her like this one below. She’s a fan of User Generated Content and loves it even when it’s mocking her. It’s also a life lesson because if you’re not able to make laugh of yourself, it could hurt you if someone else does. Eventually, you need to be part of your fan’s vision of you and join them on the road. Plus, it’s always good that people create content about you, right?


7. How you make an album

Every time Rihanna launches an album, the world sits and listens carefully. It’s amazing to see an artist’s evolution through the years and how the masks fade out. Suddenly, you start seeing the real person and the real music. In fact, you start wondering what’s next. Therefore, Rihanna loves to celebrate every of her babies’ birthday. Furthermore, she gives to her fans unreleased content about them. Ultimately, she loves to honor all of her success moment. You’ll see what you want but naturally, like in this picture from ANTI recording.


8. Meeting the prince

Rihanna is the Queen of Barbados, and such a royal she is, she sits next to Prince Harry. The Island girl never forgets her roots, and always remember to do good for her people. Hence, she was part of the annual campaign against AIDS and test herself next to the prince. Her message was straightforward and clear. She wanted to all of her fans be conscious about this illness and try to stop more to have it.


9. Grandpa knows best

If you’re her follower, you surely know how proud she is of her family. By posting this picture of her and her grandfather, she taught us how to use the power of storytelling. In fact, we want you to run into her profile right now and find this picture. Then, see it for yourself, how in beautiful words, she tells a story even more beautiful than this picture.


10. Feed the rumors

In case you didn’t know, Rihanna and Drake were the “it” couple for a few days. Due to Drake’s speech on an award show, where he declared his love for her. Afterward, the couple was seen dating and performing their hit “Work” together on Rihanna’s shows. Of course, if you’re the rumor, take in charge of it.

Thank you for visiting the @badgalriri world with us. We want you to see beyond what’s shown on Social Media. Even though everything seems innocent content, it has something to tell us. It’s necessary to pay attention to what famous Instagram people do, to understand where the things are going to on this platform. Check the rest of her profile and try to find more strategies.



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