Iron Man Instagram account was hacked

One of the most beloved superheroes of all-time, Iron Man has been hacked. You see, a couple of days ago, I was scrolling on Instagram hoping to find some funny memes. However, I ended up finding something a bit more surprising. 

Robert Downey Jr, the actor who played the role of Iron Man in most of the  Marvel movies, had posted to his Stories. So, I decided to tap the icon on the top side of my screen and see what he had to share. Surprisingly, I was shocked to see that his Instagram account had been hacked. 

Want to know how I knew that? Well, very simply. Unfortunately, over the past few weeks, and I would even dare to say months. Hackers have been targeting high profile celebrities and hacked their accounts to do one thing. 

Offer free things. And guess what? When I accessed Robert Downy Jr’s Stories, “he” was basically giving away iPhones, iPads, etc. Evidently, I did what had to be done and recorded his Stories before Instagram recovered the account. 

What’s Behind The Hack

So, what’s the point of hacking a person’s account? Moreover, what do hackers gain by “giving away free stuff”. Well…first of all, what you need to understand is that these sort of posts are nothing but a scam.

Hackers get into high profile Instagram accounts and pose as if they were the actual owner of the account. Then, they offer victims the chance of winning expensive things. However, know that they are not really giving away anything. Instead, they are stealing from their victims.

You see, in the video above, the user has to swipe up to be redirected to an external site. Once you are in such site, you will be required to add some personal information. This will supposedly give you the chance of winning some free products. But, the real and sad truth is that these sites are really just stealing your information for shady purposes. 

Finally, the reason why these hackers target high profile celebrities is that they have literally millions of followers. Unfortunately, not all of them know much about this scam. So they fall for it and end up giving their personal information to God knows who.

rdj Instagram was hacked

RDJ Recovered His Instagram account

Fortunately, it only took one day for Robert Downey Jr to get his account back. He then posted a funny meme, making a reference to the incident. In it, you can see a pic of Ultron. A fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Plus the phrase: Pardon my interruption…

In the description of the post, RDJ added this line We are back!!! #hackers  gonna #hack.

I can’t say for sure if someone got scammed from this unfortunate hack. But what I can tell you is that never in a million years will a celebrity give away something in such a basic way. Indeed, famous people might give free things to their fans – but not like this. 

But, personally I would suggest not to believe anything unless you see a video rather than a post that asks you to submit personal information.


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