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Selfies are here to stay, and apps want to improve that art. We know you´re dying for all those iOS apps you can’t get but don´t be sad about it. Android has pretty cool apps too, and we did the work you didn´t want to do. We searched for the best and free apps for selfie lovers.

Therefore, you don´t have any excuses to make those selfie more gorgeous than they already are. If you have mastered the angle technique, then this is the final step needed. Selfie´s post production doesn´t have to depend on the beauty corrector of your camera. You can improve it with cool effects and one or two corrections. Keep scrolling and find out how the magic happens.


Rumors say that this is the Kardashian-Jenner´s fav selfie app. Yes, you´ve read that right. The secret has been revealed, and now it´s time for you to succeed on Social Media with quality approved selfies.

Android Selfie Apps

My Twin Celeb

Have you ever wondered which celebrity you look alike? Then it´s time for you to find that out. On this app, you take a selfie, and the software does the rest. Think about it; you might have a doppelganger. It happens between celebrities, like Katy Perry and Zoe Deschanel so that can happen to you too!

Android Selfie Apps


Retrica is for filter lovers! By using this app, you´ll have a large range of filters to play with. From vintage, full effects and all your mind can imagine. Besides, you have a collage option, in case one selfie is not enough for you, create an excellent collection of poses. Get colorful and creative!

Android Selfie Apps

YouCam Perfect

Perfectionists find the ideal solution with YouCam. Say goodbye to wrinkles, imperfections, and weird skin problems. Even better, if you want to reshape something you can do it too. Wait, what? Yes! You can adjust your nose a little or maybe change your eye´s color. This app sounds like a virtual plastic surgery, and it might be.

Android Selfie Apps


If you thought there´s no good enough selfie apps for travelers, then you thought wrong. If you want a selfie not so selfie-ish, then this is the right treat for you. By using Frontback, you can capture a moment with both front and back camera to create one single composition. Sounds awesome, right? You can show your happiness from two different angles.

Android Selfie Apps

These are just a few samples, and we´re going to keep digging for more. By now, you have to try these 5 and let us know the results. Which works better?



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