Selling Products Instagram

Beyond learning about Visual Branding, and having a good content strategy, we know you pursuit the last goal of selling your products and getting the best profit possible. Therefore, to do that, there are earlier steps that you should prepare for conversion, things like a good reputation, excellent visual aesthetic, the perfect voice and message and so on.

Once you’re done on getting straight how the brand should look like, then it’s time to go ahead to a new level where selling is the main key of the strategies. Furthermore, this is the moment when you also have to be clear on what are your hits and failures, what’s the best product or service to offer, and more than anything, you need to acknowledge your marketing personas and the channels that work better for your brand.

Certainly, creating buyers personas is something you should do while implementing Visual Branding elements and testing your profiles. Furthermore, if while testing, results show that Instagram is the best channel, which is probably the most common result due to the visual potential and active users, then you’re able to apply the following tips to get your products sold like hot bread.

We prepared a few hot tips for you and your team to consider at the next meeting. You’ll see, they’re not that complicated once you go further and study them carefully and individually. Please don’t be scared if this is the first time you read these words, and you think it’s too much. Relax, and take the time enough for understanding.

Meet Affiliate Marketing

In a world where everybody has the right to an opinion, and therefore, all opinions are valuable to the point of harm or make brands glorious. It was just a matter of time for reviews to get an entire space in the marketing world. Nevertheless, Affiliate Marketing goes beyond Amazon reviews. It goes all the way through rewards a product or service promotion in the digital world.

For example, you can either pay an individual, a full company or website to promote your products, and they earn commissions if people buy the product thanks tho them. So, now it’s time to look for people from your niche that inevitably starts to promote with their Instagram profiles, increasing visibility, and the chances to get a better profit.

Try co-branding

This one is major for entrepreneurs or local brands. If you don’t understand the power of co-branding in Social Media, we recommend you to go to our previous blog post about that subject. But, in any case, you need to know that by cooperating with other brands on Instagram, you can improve a lot the Instasale.

How? Well, such as, if you’re a bags brand and find a new clothing line that’s near or in the same town, you can both create fantastic ideas like contests, stories, and so on to increase followers and therefore, potential consumers, by combining both audiences that look for similar things.

Selling Products Instagram

Accept the ads

Want it or not, ads are here to stay, and it’s time for us to accept and go along with them. So, open up your wallet and start making space for ads budget. Besides, they’re not that hateful today. Now they have a friendly way to show up on our users feed, so we can still use pieces of content and storytelling and not ordinary advertising labels.

Now is easier to create an ad campaign from Facebook’s managers. Decide if it’s only Instagram you want to approach or also Facebook’s audience, which has a lot of different options. In case you only go for Instagram, we recommend you to use knowledge and data about your marketing personas and select the best picture, caption, and button for it. Remember, is not a random decision and the ad can neither go against your Visual Branding.

Use the new features wisely

You’ve heard storytelling this and storytelling that, and probably not paying attention enough because you may think this would only respond to leisure content. But, wait for a second. Don’t you think that Instagram is making efforts for adding new storytelling feature not just for fun but for selling purposes too?

An image sells more than 1000 words, and a story turned into images is precious. By using Instagram Stories, you can take advantage of storytelling by making a good ending with a call to action exit, make your users run and buy the product. Similarly, with multiple photos and videos, show the different sides of what you’re selling and make that user keep swiping until they want to find the link to buy.

Selling Products Instagram

Study Influencers Marketing and Brand Ambassadors

Similar to Affiliate Marketing but not necessarily the same. You’ll see, the ways to contact an Influencer or to prepare a Brand Ambassador are entirely different despite the fact that they’re also based on reviews and opinions. These strategies take more time than Affiliate Marketing because there’s a relationship to build.

In any case, is one of the best ways possible to sell a product and engage with the audience, by making that a famous person or recognized personality promote a product or the entire brand during a period and in many creative ways.

There you have them. Five great strategies of selling your products fast. Pick one or two and start planning how to improve and adapt them to your budget, branding and company culture.


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