Social Media Addiction

You won’t have to count points, match letters or even making math equations. This is not a test, this is for yourself, to evaluate how addicted you´re to Social Media, or to realize that´s just a paranoid and random thought of yours

Why do you need to know? Well, as any exaggeration, it´s bad. If you´re getting addicted to Social Media, it´s better to know now than before you can´t notice when your friends don´t want to talk to you anymore, and your boss is mad about your distraction. And even if you´re also working in Social Media, being an addict can be dangerous.

It´s a common mistake for Social Media workers to spend more time than they should on platforms. They think that by being 24/7 on a screen, they´ll find out first or can control everything. But wait a second. Do you remember Social Media works both ways, online and offline? You better start remembering this, because that´s what keeps the fire alive.

So, if you don´t want to spend your eternity on a screen, and to think the only way of communication is through direct messages, you better start reading this prevailing attitudes from people who might be becoming addicted.

Social Media Adiction

You don´t know what “logging of” means

Logging what? Yes, we are aware. You probably have forgotten your cellphone has a “Turn off” option, and “Flight mode” is the farthest you have known. So we don´t expect you to understand what logging off is. In case you didn´t know, it´s a healthy way to give yourself a break from Social Media.

For example, on a daily basis, you need to stop using your cellphone at least one hour before you go to bed, and please don´t sleep next to it. Furthermore, you need to stop checking your profile every 5 minutes, because likes and comments will be there even after 3 hrs, we assure you. So log off once in a while during the day and start living cool stuff.

News don´t come from newspapers

When something is shaking the world, and your mom wants to know what´s going on, you go to Twitter and Instagram to figure out what´s the news, right? Well, my friend, although it´s not so bad as it looks it might be something you have to keep an eye on.

When it comes to searching for news, Twitter and Instagram might be tricky. You have probably heard about those fake news about supposedly dead famous people, right? It can happen with any subject, and it can become a waste of time and money for you. Because, if you freak out about a picture on Instagram, share it with your audience, and don´t take enough time to do research and find out it´s a fake one, then you´re putting your engagement and credibility in danger.

You know more about Kylie Jenner than anyone

You know everything about everyone´s life because you follow them 24/7 on their profiles, and no one can discuss with you about it. But, do you find out more than what they show in those accounts? Remember, Social Media is a Marketing tool, and if you want to succeed in this business, you need to go beyond the game.

Next time you want to spend hours figuring out Kylie´s life on Snapchat and Instagram, stop for a minute and think what´s behind it, why her image works so well, how can you recreate some of her strategies, and so on.

Social Media Adiction

Every single app is on your device

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, and even late Vine is on your phone, right? It’s no big deal, but, is that necessary? Trying to have every Social Media app is probably something you should think twice. Unless you have an intergalactic cell phone that runs free like a horse and has a heavenly RAM designed by gods, it´s time for you to use your device wisely.

There are Social Media platforms which apps are extremely heavy, and you don´t need them. Administrate them on your computer, download less consuming versions or use your phone´s navigator. If you run out your cell phone memory, it will be complicated to use the rest of the Social Media apps that are completely mobile.

Social Media is your Lullaby

There´s an agony moment when you finally decide to go to sleep. In that precise moment, your untamed mind says: “Hey, why don´t you check Instagram for the last time and see if a new like magically appeared?”. Then you go running, grab your phone and check it for one final time, which is usually the first of many last times.

By doing this, you´re putting a lot of information in your brain that will adjust the way you sleep and rest that night. Probably, you can find out some shocking and upsetting news that won´t let you sleep properly. So, if you don´t rest like you should, next day you´ll be stressed and less productive. Think twice if you want that lullaby again tonight.

Social Media Adiction

Work can wait

Here´s for freelancers, mostly. We´ve heard like a thousand times that we´re not supposed to use Social Media at work. But what happens to those freelancers out there with “no control” or those who work in Social Media?

We all need a little of self-control for our business sake. There´s time for everything, but please close your Facebook window while you´re typing and designing. And imagine your cellphone is burning while you´re attending to a task. Not because it´s supposed, but it´s the healthier thing to do if you don´t want to waste hours on the computer instead of working fast and leave time for fun.

Social Media Adiction

Now you know some of Social Media addicts habits or characteristic of possible ones, it´s time to stop and start giving a proper use. You don´t want to lose things and people. As inoffensive as it may look, a Social Media addiction is not okay at all for both your personal and professional life.



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