Social Media Calendar

Planning seems something tough in a world where you have to be on the daily news to get in touch with your audience. Although, planning is vital, and you need to be prepared for what comes next. Therefore, there’s one strategy that never fails and keeps the constant content in the right flow. Giving you space enough for spontaneous moments but making your team produce ideas and creating products for each day.

A calendar is what we’re pointing here. It’s a strategy that comes from many years ago, even when Social Media platforms didn’t exist, and it’s an extra bonus for getting good results based on well-established ideas. What we’re saying here, is that you need to figure out what your audience loves to see on Mondays, and what they like on Fridays, to create powerful content for each day of the week.

We know you can’t think right now of planning a calendar for a year, but you can start by making it monthly. Either you prefer to change it each month or don’t, this is a good way to start practicing your calendar skills. Remember, each month of the year has some particularities. For example, in December, we’ve got Christmas, so you can create a calendar based on Christmas theme content, which releases you from a lot of stress.

Thence, we prepared a short but useful list to convince you on how important is for you to have a Social Media Calendar. Keep scrolling and discover the benefits of this practice and how helpful it is for a team.

1. Measure will be better

When there’s no planning, it’s hard to make analytics at the end of the month, for periods of three months and a year. It’s hard because you’ve been posting random content and this is not helpful for metrics. One of those posts might be very popular and gets thousands of likes, but what about the rest of the days? If you don’t have a constant flux planned you can’t know where failures are and what makes you succeed.

First, Facebook helped us a lot by giving us metrics that helped our distribution strategies, and now, thanks to Instagram metrics we have a better idea about our audience’s behavior. Yet, we need to prepare a calendar with specific content to keep testing those parameters until we find a good formula.

2. Your team will appreciate it

This is a message, especially for the managers! When you work on a Social Media team, there’s a lot to write, design, sketch, discuss, think, talk, and post. So, you can’t come up with changes every two seconds because you’ll be messing with someone else’s job. Moreover, what people appreciate the most is respect for their time, and if you don’t respect that, then the consequences will be awful.

People might start doing a bad job because they don’t have time enough and they’ll be mad about your behavior. If a creative person hates what is doing, the results won’t be satisfying. Try to be careful and show some respect to your team by making an established calendar that they can adjust to their rhythm.

Social Media Calendar

3. The Community Manager will gain time in interaction

Once again, if you’re changing ideas every five seconds, it will rest time for the team on their workflow. Therefore, an important member that needs a lot of time to gain community will appreciate your efforts on making a Calendar. The Community Manager needs time to chat with the audience, give likes, comment on audience’s profile, create a relationship with another brand, and also keep a record of all the activities so the rest of the team can know where the brand is going.

By setting up a calendar, they can feel safe and have plenty time for doing the job, instead of handling with instability and a changing mind which means that there’s not a planned path to follow.

4. Designers can have a clearer view

One of the most challenging works to coordinate is the design department. There’s a bunch of ideas you want your designer to understand in perfection and translate into great graphics just like you pictured. But, imagine you keep changing what’s on your mind constantly, how can the designer figure out what you want? Instead, if you create a constant idea that the artist can acknowledge and you can make changes from it, then the final product will be awesome.

Social Media Calendar

5. You’ll save time for big campaigns

A Social Media Calendar is something you make to have a better idea of what you want for a definite period. Like we said before, it will release you from a lot of curses, bad times, bad work relationships and so on. But, most importantly, it will let you have time enough for coming up with a big campaign strategy for your brand, on Social Media or any other department. You can also connect that campaign with your standard content and create something bigger from it, make a crossing channels strategy and bring more people to your team.

6. Avoids content saturation

A common problem we see in Social Media newbies is content overload. For example, a thousand posts per day, bad Visual Branding and a lot of no sense material that comes and goes. It happens because there’s no planning. Even if you plan to have five posts per day, that’s no planning at all.

Planning also means you have your Visual Branding and target clear, so you know what’s best for your brand and start making a map from it. Furthermore, many companies behave like newspapers and not what they truly are. Therefore, we get a lot of content saturation that only costs wasted time for the team.

Social Media Calendar

We gave you reasons enough for you to run and create a good Social Media Calendar, now it’s up to you being a good planner and a fine asset to your team, We assure you they’ll appreciate it.


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