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We can’t tell when meme trends became the most widespread reaction on Social Media. Certainly, they’re nothing new, but definitely, they’re more famous now. It seems yesterday when Neil deGrasse, who is nothing but one of brightest minds of physics, became famous for something far away from his field. Yes, he’s the one from the “freak but not freak out” memes. Certainly, he didn’t know that thanks to him, a new meme era rose up.

People started to caught famous people funny faces to make memes. Soon enough, we began to see Rihanna as the famous face for the thug and “bitch mood” memes. Likewise, we could see images from old movies or series like the John Travolta from Pulp Fiction meme gif. Therefore, anyone could be the target for the next meme trend.

No wonder why, TV series and films’ fan pages started to use this strategy too. The entertainment industry realized that if any were the one creating trends, that would be themselves. Celebrities accepted the mocking trend, and they publish their memes making fun of themselves too. Thus, being the target of a meme was no longer an insult but a lucky chance. Ultimately, without any more preamble, we want you to see what’s “in” on Meme’s world.

1. Oscar’s best picture

We thought we saw everything in this world when Steve Harvey named Miss Universe wrong. Indeed, we didn’t expect something worse could happen. Sadly, it did, and it was a lot way worse. The Oscar Academy Award was responsible for a huge mistake in their more expected category. Somehow, they named La La Land best picture. Nevertheless, the real result pointed Moonlight as the true winner. Afterward, a lot of memes appeared with bad results, like this one below.

Meme Trends

2. 13 Reasons Why

Completely out of the blue, Selena Gomez started to promote her production for Netflix. It’s called 13 Reasons Why, and since the launch day, it became a success. The story goes around Hannah Baker, a teenager who committed suicide. Before her death, she left 13 radio tapes pointing the people and things that made her want to end her life. Therefore, the internet couldn’t wait for, and memes like this one appeared. In this particular case, it’s a mix between the also famous Salt Bae meme.

Meme Trends

3. Proud Rainbow reaction on Facebook

If you live under a rock, we can tell you, this is Proud Month, and everyone joined it. Facebook and Instagram decided to show support and appreciation for the celebration. Therefore, they created a thing that became quickly famous. Yes, we’re talking about the rainbow flag you see in every post now. Although many people know the significance, the use of this reaction became excessive. And, as a natural reaction, memes showed up.

Meme Trends

4. Melania Trump

The first lady of the United States of America is a consistent target for memes. It seems like the Internet never gets enough from mocking her. Since the Harry Potter meme to her Michelle Obama speech. Therefore, you can find a lot of material on Instagram, so you can’t choose just one. Unfortunately for here, people always find something new in her facial expressions, clothes, words, and so on.

Meme Trends

5. The floor is

“The floor is” it’s one of the newest trends that have everyone showing their fears. It started with a simple photo of a guy trying not to touch the floor next to a caption that begins with the phrase. Soon, we saw a lot of people not only creating more captions but recreating the picture. All kind of jokes came along, from personal issues to political and human rights. Furthermore, it became famous not just for English speakers but many languages.

Meme Trends

6. Trump/Putin

We don’t even know how to start describing this trend. Indeed, there’s no need for an explanation. This trend is unstoppable since Donald Trump took the presidency. Even when he was still running, the first memes appeared. In fact, there are trends inside this trend, like “Tiny Trump.” Also, the President Putin himself is worthy of his meme trend. So, they can say they’re the president kings of Memeland.

Meme Trends

7. Spotify playlist

Early this year, we started to see the first Spotify’s playlist memes. Soon, it became famous. Everybody understood how to do it. It’s as simple as picking a group of songs, which names build an entire phrase, as seen below. As any other meme, a caption comes along. This way, people could tell a hint to someone else or just made a playlist for fun. Did you do one?

Meme Trends

8. Altered muppets

We know that this may seem a trend from past year. It became stronger during 2017. By now, we’re very familiar with Kermit the Frog meme. Afterward, the entire muppet group also had their meme collection. Therefore, what started at 2016, now it’s more powerful in 2017. Besides, what makes this trend accessible is the overrated situations they play, like you see below. So, next time you want to be a drama queen and overreact, use a muppet.

Meme Trends

9. Trump’s first order

President Trump is an easy target for meme creators around the world. Since he became elected, all the meme soldiers are ready to step in. As a result of his decisions, many people disagree and try to ridicule them. Therefore, for one of his presidential decisions, people took advantage of his image showing the signed document. Nevertheless, what people wanted to show less was the real paper. Instead, they drew all kinds of childish paintings over the white paper.

Meme Trends

10. Roll Safe 

He never imagined that his face would become one of the most famous memes in history. Or maybe he did! Anyway, we want to thank this man, because he acquitted us from the careless sin. Long gone are the days when we had to feel sorry for our actions. Now, we have the picture of this man to prove any decision we wanted to make, but we didn’t, and “roll safely” through the path of life.

Meme Trends

Believe us when we say it was hard only to pick 10 of them. Thence, you may think a lot that should be on this list. But, there’s still a lot of months for the year to end. Soon, we will publish another list. So, you have to keep in touch with us. Also, you can comment which meme trend would you like to see!


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