Social Media Privacy

Cyber security is not something exclusively for millionaires, enterprises, famous people or important figures. It’s neither an annoying thing you parents think, or your teachers were concerned about a few years ago. Even if you believe that no matter what you do, an external intelligence force is always watching you, it’s necessary to take care of what’s in your hands for a safety path on Social Media.

If you’re a teenager or a professional grown up, you need to know few basics to take charge of your life on Social Media. It’s important to manage your content as much as a company should care for theirs. The way and what you post daily says a lot of who you are. Although you don’t think this is relevant because your Social Media person is way too different from your Real Life person, you need to think twice.

When a job seeker is watching profiles, they pay attention both sides of you, and they judge a lot by your likes on Social Media. You need to remember, what you post can be used or interpreted any way possible you can imagine. So if you’re stuck in the middle of some trial, your previous posts can either save you or condemn you. Also, watch your mouth, or fingers when commenting something, because if these words are harmful can be used against you too.

In case you’re alert, you may find these few tips useful for a safe Social Media behavior. We listed some helpful and easy tips so you can start to curate what’s posted on your feed immediately.

1. What you write on stone, stays on stone

What you post on Social Media or any other digital platform, including text, videos, photos and so on, remains in the digital library. Powerful leaders are always threatened by digital hunters whose work is to track and file pieces of documents, compromising visual materials and statements written on forums or discussions through Social Networks. These pieces of data are even used for bringing governments down, so you can start guessing what they can do to you in case someone wants to use it.

Social Media Privacy

2. Watch your record

For those who didn’t know, what you look for on your mobile, tablet or any other device remains in a browser file, which means that you’re giving a map to the world of your current walks through the internet without knowing what it means. People can search for it and claim things from cheating scandals to job problems by distraction during work hours. So, the best way of preventing this is by constantly erasing your browser record.

3. Be careful with your location updates

If you’re in Dubai, we know you might be excited and want to post from your arrival till the last moment of your trip. By posting this, of course, you need to include your location, so people won’t get the wrong idea and think you’re faking a trip to this expensive place, right? Well, it’s ok if you want to do this, because in any case¬†if someone is after you, they’ll find the way to reach you. But, why don’t you just post with some periods of time in between, not immediately, this might be a distraction and gives you time enough to move somewhere else.

4. Have you met third parties yet?

Have you ever add your personal information to an app game? Whether in or out of Facebook, this means you might probably be contributing to Third Party companies. It means that some apps in market play a bridge role between you and businesses asking for users data. From your name to your daily use tracking, these data is sold to many enterprises. So, next time you want to deliver your precious data, remember it’s not going to an empty box.

Social Media Privacy

5. Watch out with doubtful links

If you’re not sure, please don’t open it. Malwares are still a huge problem. We know this might seem an issue from 2000’s but believe us, it still happens. Therefore, when you receive a doubtful Direct Message from someone who doesn’t chat with you regularly or never does, don’t proceed to open anything sent. Even if it’s from a friend, ask that person if you should open it, maybe they’ve been hacked, and you don’t know.

6. If you don’t know, don’t message

Maybe you’re not naive by now because you’ve been a user for a while, but this is a good a piece of advice you can give to someone else. When a stranger talks to you and you give a respond, you might be tracked by that person, and your IP might be revealed. By getting your ID, people can get into your device and hack a lot of things, Whatsapp and other platforms included.

Social Media Privacy

7. Posting specifics at different times doesn’t mean it is safe.

You post your kid’s name today, your address in a year, you child’s school in three years, and still think if you post at different times, then nothing happens. Wrong! Even if you post every five years, people could make a map with detailed information about yourself, family, friends, and routines. So, please don’t give so much valuable information.

8. Be careful with your professional image

When you are part of a company, you need to be aware of your position. For example, if you’re a journalist, the wiser thing to do is to specify on your bio that whatever you post on your feed doesn’t respond to your work on the paper or channel you work for. In any case, you should probably not to post something that might hurt your image as a professional no matter what your job is.

9. Learn how to monitor your kids

There are many different ways to watch your child’s profiles on Social Media. Even celebrity kids are under control. If you look closer to Millie Bobby Brown’s Instagram profile, the popular kid from Stranger Things specifies on her bio that her oldest sister supervises every post. That’s the right thing to do because kids might not know all dangers out there or have content awareness.

Social Media Privacy

These are just a few steps you should follow to start getting a healthier Social Media life, but there’s more to come. By now, start applying those tips we gave you, and we assure you will have fewer worries tomorrow!



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