Social Media Trending Formats

2017 is almost over, and it’s time to start a recap of all that worked perfectly for us during this year. However, we can say that most of the formats you’re about to see next are still new. And yet, we learned how to merge them into our regular calendars step by step. Like every new thing, it takes time to embrace and adapt it to our methods. But, don’t worry, there were too many changes this year and many yet to come. So chill out and recap all Social Media trending formats on 2017.


A video is a ruling format for a couple of years now. Although, it’s not the king of the land, due to technical issues for several countries. And yet, it’s still the favorite format to communicate a lot of things, from commercial to informational content.

They’re important not just in Social Media bu in general. Therefore, thanks to their many benefits, videos still represent one of the best options for Social Media Marketing. Besides, there are a lot of options for you to try videos and increase interaction, reach, and engagement with the audience. Plus, now you have to consider the Instagram Stories videos format which is very popular since the platform launched the feature.

Take in count these recommendations for next video productions on Social Media:

  • Remember, 15 is the largest you can post if you pretend to use some of those videos for a boost. Otherwise, Facebook will refuse your request, and you might lose a lot of chances for this technical issue.
  • Not to add a lot of text, because, similarly, if you want to use it for an ad, then Facebook will not accept more than 20%.
  • High quality is a MUST, even when it comes to Social Media. Don’t forget your audience only want quality content. And remember, Instagram compress your formats. So, the highest resolution, the better results you’ll get.
  • Try to keep it simple. When it comes to Social Media, you have to delimitate the idea until it’s in its essence and everyone can understand. Besides, remember people are going to watch it in just a few seconds.

Social Media Trending Formats

2.Instagram Stories

Even though we learned a lot about this format by using Snapchat, now it’s something different when it comes to Instagram Stories. Yes, it’s vertical and similar to Snapchat, technically. But, it’s something completely different or at least unique if you look it from the content perspective.

It’s just a year and so since the platform launched Instagram Stories and it left Snapchat regarding active users. The success of this features opened a lot of words and windows for brands who thought everything was lost for them on Social Media. Now, they reinvented the ways to market their products and events through the “spontaneous” moments on Stories.

Here are some new tips to consider when creating Stories:

  • It’s hard to edit a horizontal video to make it look good on a vertical size. So, please tell your videographer or photographer to please record in upright, so you catch the real image you want.
  • Don’t forget to be playful. People don’t like overproduced content on Stories. They want the right content, but it still has looked like it’s done fresh and recently.
  • Show what nobody else can show. For instance, you can go backstage, or maybe show an exclusive interview that will be available only on your Stories for 24hrs.

3.Mobile Games

It may not make sense at first. But, trust us, if you don’t know about gamification, then you better start your research because it’s coming next. Even when it sounds weird to you, and maybe with no relation to Social Media, brands have found the fantastic world of games. Notably, in Facebook, since the “Instant Games” for news feed and messenger. Thus, thanks to the new options, you can offer a crossing-channels experience and let your followers interact on a different level with your brand.

Remember these things:

  • First of all, do your research and understand the gaming world before getting into it. So, you’ll know exactly what you want for your brand and users, instead of buying something useless.
  • Try to apply the gaming process to your regular content, so your users get the chance to keep interacting and playing with you.

4.Virtual Reality and 360°

When it comes to the new options technology is offering us for new opportunities on Social Media, it’s impossible not to talk about the new formats invading our platforms. Similarly, we found a tremendous opportunity for content, which is Virtual Reality, and 360° videos. These formats allow us to create immersive experiences and opened the door to the future.

Now, brands have to be in touch with these technologies if they want to keep in touch with what’s coming next not just for Social Media but all the market experiences. Also, it’s an advantage over competitors and a huge difference when they get the chance to bring this technology to their Social Media profiles.

Please, don’t feel frustrated if you don’t get it yet because we’re all learning. Besides, costs might be high by the moment. But, like almost anything in technology, it must be close the day for it be accessible to all of us.

Social Media Trending Formats

There’s no much to say about GIFs since everyone has interacted with them now. We would like to replace words by GIFs, and sometimes we do. It seems that a GIF better explains some things, so we have to keep an eye on this format for a long time. Similarly, memes have taken over Social Media and became popular even in the most severe business that has nothing to do with humor. So, it’s essential for us to keep watching GIF opportunities in our video productions and photo sequences.
6.Live Video

Live videos are fresh bread everyone wants to eat. Although, it’s an unexplored field we’re eager to figure out. Besides, it’s new on platforms, so there’s no much pressure to master it yet.  Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the opportunity it brings to us, due to the chance of sharing experiences in real-time.

Also, it’s a new way of transforming communication in a side to side method. Despite the fact that people can interact with our regular posts. However, communicating in a Live Video creates a new sensation of proximity that allows both,  the audience and the brand, to build stronger bonds. Ultimately, we can add a second part on our transmissions so that the channel becomes a more significant network.

We can’t wait until new formats join the platform and improve the ways of interaction and engagement. But, just now, we feel happy that these formats are creating better experiences for all of us.


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