Social Media Trends 2017

Welcome to the first chapter of the future! During 2016, you’ve been tasting all the apparently small sneak peeks that Social Media showed like a silent cat walking at night in the neighborhood. Maybe, you didn’t even notice some of the significant changes, and it’s OK. However, if you’re a Social Media guru or not,  this year you will see enormous changes on each platform.

As Mark Zuckerberg said previously on 2016, Facebook has planned our Social Media future for the next decade at least. So, the rest of the platforms are on the same way too. Therefore, you need to be prepared for what’s next, and we tell you, what’s next is incredibly impressive, but also will get our nerves if we don’t get to work on learning about it. It’s time for us to show you the main things you need to approach as soon as possible, so you don’t get lost in the first months of the year.

We listed you the seven more relevant Social Media Trends for 2017. But it also means that you should still keep on searching here in the next months. Furthermore, we make sure that you keep on reading all the new updates, because this year will be futuristic, and we need to be one step ahead of what’s coming next. So, take note and enjoy the first bite of new trends.

1. Real Time

Snapchat and Periscope are the guilty ones in charge for this great trend. Although Facebook attacked this sooner, we felt the increase of Real Time content with Snapchat’s arise. We’ve been experiencing the urge for watching the content before it disappears and that’s what rules this year. No matter if your profile has entire timeline posts, it’s necessary that you plan a good strategy for Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Periscope, and Facebook Live, because this is what the audience is going to look for first. Which means that your brand must be prepared for creating events, contests, and more.

Real Time might be one of the biggest challenges this year because it proves to your audience that every department of your team is working right. Although live events might seem spontaneous, it takes a lot of preparation, so the transmission looks naturally and accurate. That’s why the challenge is big, and you need a strategy even for what you don’t see is coming.

Instagram Live

2. Employees-Brand Ambassadors

Have you ever heard about 4.0 companies? Well, if you haven’t, you better start familiarizing with this term because this is not the future but the present of every company which aims to be successful in the digital world. However, the main issue is about the employees, or in this case, your brand’s best friends.

If you give your employees motivation and a great work environment, they will share your content on their personal profiles, which means that they believe in what you’re doing. Therefore, the audience will feel and engage too. Remember, they’re the first on trying your products and services, and they’re your audience too. So, they must be your first Brand Ambassadors and promote your brand naturally and the best way the can.

3. New Ad Formats

Many brands are waiting desperately for Instagram Storie’s filters and personalized stickers. Although we can find it already on Snapchat and it’s nothing “new,” we expect more and more ad formats. It’s a fact that organic reach is getting harder every day. So, platforms will open more ads options willing for content, as the video blogging case or interactive advertising, such as Instagram does.

4. More Influencers Marketing

Influencers are gaining power this year. If you thought this was a passing strategy and all those famous persons will be unemployed this year, then you thought wrong. On the contrary, Influencers are about to experience one of their best years in Social Media. Due to their playful ways of promoting, they’re becoming a better resource rather than celebrities. Besides, our audience might prefer an honest opinion from someone who apparently is as normal as they are, and in some way, more approachable.

5. Social Selling

The conversion will be subject of discussion this year in Social Media department. Even if you’re a supporter of the idea that doesn’t involve Social Media and conversions rate, you need to follow through all the news about Social Selling. This is the year where brands will work for direct sells on their platforms. Maybe, this move will attack the big brands first, so you don’t have to worry immediately, but as we said, you need to start recognizing the issue.

6. Chatbots

You might have seen that Facebook insists you install Messenger on your fan page, and you should. Direct communication with your audience is first this year! Although you might think this requires an enormous amount of time that you or your team don’t have. But, take it easy, we’ve got the solution.


Chatbots are code generators apps. They produce conversations to improve your automatized communications with users. However, you should pay attention to what’s been saying, to provide more human talks and less robotic answer, because the main idea is to make the response automatic but always keeping in mind that it must be human. Otherwise, the results might hurt your engagement, because every user is looking for a piece of your attention, and a robotic response doesn’t count.

7. Virtual Reality

Next social experience is right upon us, and it responds to artificial intelligence. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are not longer something from sci-fi movies; they’re here and soon they’ll be playing a significant role in Social Media. Furthermore, close are the days for the first short film with this technology, and more is yet to come. Are your eyes and your first strategies prepared for the new adventure?

Virtual Reality Facebook

The year’s just started! So keep the track with us in future articles about these new trends. It might surprise you how fast are they going to change!



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