Social Media Updates

Keeping track of updates is hard sometimes. But, don’t worry because we’re here for you. Usually, we use to keep you posted on Instagram updates. Although, we want to show you the big picture today because it’s necessary to look around and see what’s going on with the rest of the platforms. It’s essential for Social Media workers to know what’s coming next so we can be prepared for significant changes in the future.

Thanks to all gods, features, rules, and updates come as little changes. So, it’s accessible to us to adapt to them. Nevertheless, we can not fall asleep and wait for a big move. Instead, it’s better to feel comfortable with new ways step by step and not to take a big shot we can’t handle. So, please sit and take a few minutes of your time and read the following updates.

1.Snapchat’s Pixel

What happens you’re a powerful app for videos and photo sharing? Also, emoji promotes, IA and VR starter. Plus, all you do is an example of the future that seemed so far away. It may look like there’s anything else you can do better and at some point, you’ll stop from innovating. Well, my friends, we guess not. Snapchat surprised the world once again, and we can’t wait till see what Instagram is going to do about it.

New Snapchat’s tool is called “Snap Pixel, ” and it allows you to know the number of visits on your web, user records, selling numbers and more for those willing to use the platform with the commercial purpose. It’s incredible since we couldn’t reach the specific metrics we needed and it stopped us from investing in the platform. Now, it’s no longer an excuse.

The platform assures that this new tool is an open window for fresh audiences you can customize thanks to the many data you’re going to receive from Pixel. Furthermore, the service’s primary goals are to work as a tool for retargeting. Meaning, it will help to measure incomes, functions, growth, and conversion through the investment.

Social Media Updates

2.Twitter’s new rules

Twitter is always a delicate subject because it seems no longer fits between other Social Media platform. And yet, we can’t get enough from it. Let’s face it, it is still the best way to find out about news, and we still have a lot to share on those 140 characters. Thus, we always keep an eye on everything they’re doing to improve it, whether we approve it or not.

Recently, the platform informed about a series of new rules for content. There, you can see what kind of things you can and can not to publish now. In fact, it’s more about specific descriptions of what’s forbidden when it comes to violent content. Similarly, there are some rules for abuse, stalking, and porn.

Lastly, it adds an important issue, which is that you can no longer sell users names and create too many accounts. However, we have to see these new rules are going to work since it’s something so big and hard to handle in an environment so dynamic as Social Media.

Now Twitter can do this:

  1. Ask you to cut an illegal content if you want to keep your account and stay as a user interacting with another people.
  2. Stop you from posting, temporarily, and interacting with other users.
  3. Ask you to check your identity and ownership of the account with a phone number or email address.
  4. Cancel your account permanently.
  5. If you try to avoid any permanent suspension by creating new accounts, they will suspend the new accounts as well.
  6. When it comes to trends, they can decide if the content is inappropriate and shot it down for good.
  7. If Twitter checks on an account for some of the reasons above or the other ones in the official post, then it will be not visible.

Social Media Updates

3.Facebook’s settings

Facebook is always a topic when it comes to politics. For instance, when Trump won the US elections, we could see several articles related to the influence on results, thanks to sponsored campaigns through the platform. Thence, it’s essential for the public opinion to know how this is working behind the scenes.

A few days ago, Facebook announced that political ads could be tracked to let know who’s paying for it and how the money was spent. Also, we’ll have other metrics such as impressions, segmentation data, and final charts.

Plus, Facebook launched its financial report for the third quarter of the year. Mainly, they earned more than 10 thousand million dollars during this period. Besides, they’re investing in new ways of security to help the company improves the earnings. Lastly, you can always remember that Facebook has more than 2 thousand million users now.

Social Media Updates

4.Seasonal Instagram

After Halloween, we can infer a lot of stuff from what’s next on Instagram. Although, Snapchat is one step forward when it comes to techniques. Nevertheless, Instagram is always reaching new levels of interactions and audience affinity. It’s the top Social Media platform, plus being part of the big Facebook world.

If you checked on October, Instagram launched unique features for those Halloween fans who love to be part of the celebration. A superzoom and special sticker became part of the Social Media platform, and everyone took the best from it. Now, we’re anxious to see what they’re preparing for Christmas and can’t even imagine what’s yet to come for next year.

Social Media Updates

We hope this clears you up the map. It’s essential to stay updated with all the platform so that you can compare what’s going on from every angle and don’t miss any chance of improving your skills and strategies. Now, please share with us your thoughts and futuristic ideas about what might hit the media next.



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