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According to Instagram, we will now be allowed to have more control over what we see and how we interact with the accounts we follow on the app. Sometimes having many followers or following any accounts can distract us from the content we really want to see on social media.

Indeed. following a lot of people makes it hard for us to find an account or a post we want to see. And so Instagram came up with a solution to help us solve this problem. Basically, we are now able to sort the people we follow. But, not only that. As a matter of fact, there are some extra options we can use to sort the content that appears on our feed. And today we are going to list them all.

Instagram list of followers

Option to change the followers’ default order

The first change worthy of a mention is how we see our own followers and the people we follow. Nowadays, when we click on“following”/”followers” the order in which they appear is the default order. However, you can change that now. If you go to your tab, you now have the option to choose to see them in the order you started following them, earliest to latest or the other way around.

Sort Instagram followers

Muting Accounts

You will also be able to manage accounts you follow by deciding if you want to continue seeing content from a specific account. Change it by clicking on the three dots next to the user in the list. Even in this option, you can mute the account as a whole, or decide if you would like to see particular posts and stories.

Mute Instagram followers


Another recent change on the application allows you to put messages in various different categories. Sort their inbox messages into “private” or “general”, making it easier for you to see separately who you regularly message and who you don’t.

Instagram dms filtering

New Shortcuts

In addition, the new updates allow you to have quick access and easy shortcuts to see accounts you follow and interact with more often. You can then organize them into two categories. How does this work? Go to your Instagram profile and click the ‘Following’ tab to see which accounts you’re interacting with.

You’ll see a “Categories” heading with two sub-options. “Most Shown in Feed” and “Least Interacted With”. When you click either tab,  you’ll get a chance to see the accounts you regularly interact with, versus those you don’t.

You can then manage your notifications by clicking the three dots on the side of each user account. Once you click the three dots, you also have the option to mute the user. You can sort everyone in the list of your choice and see their updates as often as you want!


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