Soundcloud To IG Stories

SoundCloud And Instagram Stories

Instagram is by far one of the most complete social media platforms in the market at the moment. However, in some cases, the photo-sharing app partners up with other social media platforms we also use. Giphy, for example, has an agreement with IG where users can send gifs through DMs.

In short, Instagram has no problem in partnering up with other SM platforms – as long as that means that we as users will get to use new and better features. Currently, Instagram is working with SoundCloud. Therefore, we can expect a few things from this new partnership. But, what do we know about this so far? Well, the one thing we know for sure is that we can now share songs from SoundCloud to IG Stories.

Of course, today we are going to show you exactly how to share songs from SoundCloud to Instagram Stories.

Share songs from soundcloud to Ig stories

Share Songs From SoundCloud To IG Stories

Instagram is fairly easy to use. In fact, the idea behind the app is to allow users to navigate through the app without much trouble. Therefore, every time there is a new update, Instagram makes sure we can use it by following a few simple steps.

And these are the steps you need to follow to share SoundCloud Songs To IG Stories.

How to share music on Ig Stories

1. Update Both Instagram And SoundCloud

First of all, you need to check the status of both Instagram and SoundCloud. Of course, if they need to be updated, simply go to your app store and do so. Once you have both apps updated to their latest versions we can move on.

Soundcloud and Instagram

2. Open SoundCloud And Select The Track Of Your Preference

Open up SoundCloud, and select whichever song you want to share on your Instagram Stories. After that, simply swipe up and select the “Share to Instagram Stories” option.


Instagram seems to be partnering up with major social media platforms. Of course, we could not expect any less from the popular photo-sharing app. However, SoundCloud is not the first music platform Instagram has partnered up with. In fact, before SoundCloud, there was Spotify.

Currently, users have the power to choose between those two platforms when sharing songs. But, which one is better? Well, that really falls down to the preferences of each person. Simply enjoy these features and share as many songs as you want with your followers.


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