Everyone knows how to take a selfie but does everyone know how to take a good selfie? Taking a selfie should be simple and quick. Here we have eight easy steps to take a good selfie.

Use Good Lighting

High-quality selfies need good lighting as poor lighting can make your selfie hard to see and unflattering. Find a flattering light source and capture a perfect shot in front of the sun. Selfies taken with a built-in flash are worse than if you choose natural lighting. Natural light depicts colors more constantly than artificial light. Stand close to a window where light is available, it will give you natural and soft look. Avoid using a flash as it will distort your appearance, create forehead glare or give you a red eye look. Natural light will also eliminate dark shadows that appear on your selfie when you take them.

Know your good side and your bad angles

352b592800000578-3637225-image-m-14_14656927796921Consider taking a selfie at your best angle because we all have a bad side. Choose an angle that makes you appear your best if you don’t want to look like Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. Take your selfie from slightly above if you want to make your selfie look slimmer. If you want to include your torso in the selfie, adjust yourself and turn one shoulder slightly towards the camera to make the photo more interesting. Drop your shoulder down and back to add an elongating dimension to the photo. Lift your neck up slightly to keep your chin free from unwanted bulges.  Just let your face stand out. Tilt your camera 45 degrees positioned above your eyeliner. Before you take the photo know your audience and avoid doing something you might regret afterward. Do something cheerful or be sure to smile. A good signature pose will make you feel amazing and hot no matter the situation. You can also place your face in the top right or left corner of a frame that will make you look more compelling more than it is placed in the middle center.

Don’t take it to serious

If you are having fun taking selfies your social media your followers will enjoy looking at it. Never take your selfie too serious like staring overmodest into the Smartphone camera, angry, shy, pouty and doe-eyed. Your selfie will look uncool and people will judge you for that. Don’t make it appear like you are trying too hard, taking a selfie is simple and should depict your fun moments. Make it something that you will want to look back at and remember good moments you had in that particular instance. Pose with something new. Do something interesting like engaging yourself in fun activities.

Filter it


Filtering your selfie will add some effects like nostalgic mood, more retro, and a totally different experience. If you have a Smartphone you can use Instagram, Photo FX or Lo-Mob filtering and editing tools that will give your selfie the element of being cool and look awesome. Or simply use the sepia and black and white feature on your phone if you don’t have those applications. Filter your selfie to make warm and appear with a fuzzy golden touch. Retouch it by adding a bit of contrast, blur all the outlines and if you have to apply a color wash.  Feel free to test features available in your phone that will make you appear darker, romantic, vintage, and creepy.


Consider the background of your photo

Perfect selfie should not on show your face alone rather there should be something interesting to make your selfie look even more amazing to look at. Always check around you first before you take that selfie. Position yourself in such a way people will see that background clearly. You can also accessorize your selfie with different options if you don’t have a good background like throwing on a hat. Express yourself while taking the photo.

Edit your photo

Before uploading it to the social media use any photo editing software to retouch any disfigures or flaws on the selfie. Resize the photo, crop it, cut out parts of the unwanted background, and edit the lighting. There are so many apps you can download and use it to edit your photo and appear natural. Many apps will allow you to smooth the blemishes, extend your lashes, add rouge to your cheeks, and auto color corrects your skin color. Use insta-snap or photo wonder to personalize your photo with stickers. However, if you know you cannot make your photo look more natural its best to post it the original selfie rather than posting something that will make you look all wrong.

Take with Front lens

In the process of photography, there is usually a discrepancy whether to take a snap using the front or back camera of your phone. It’s contentious right? Well, I think the best choice to make when you take a perfect is selfie is the front lens camera because you can see the image even before you capture it.  Do something interesting when you take the photo. Be unique and do something that will make your selfie stand out from others millions of selfie. Extend your chin forward while taking a photo to emphasize your jaw line, and to remove any double chin in your selfie. To make sure you have a quality selfie as the front camera has lower resolution make sure you have perfect lighting.

Don’t overdo it

Avoid over doing it ensure you take a good photo that will appear cool.  You don’t have to post a selfie every hour. Keep it to a minimum percentage of posting because it might depict an image to your followers, they might think you are a sociopath who has nothing to do except posting a selfie every couple of hours. Also avoid adding too much effect to your selfie make everything look moderate, be yourself and create good moments out of them.



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