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Although Taylor Swift is not the first artist to erase her entire Instagram feed, it was shocking. Besides, we barely could guess what she was up to when she did that. But, now all make sense to us, and we can describe you a big Social Media strategy from her these fantastic moments. Yes, she knows how to shock the world and teach lessons at the same time. So, takes your sit, and even if you don’t like her, we recommend you to take note.

1. Here comes a new story

We were all surprised, shocked and concern because of many things going on with Taylor Swift. Furthermore, when she came up with this crazy visuals, most of us couldn’t understand it. Meaning, what does she has to do with a big snake in three-part videos?  It’s bizarre unless it has to do with something dark and mysterious. Nice try to catch our attention, Tay!

2. The new you deserve a world premiere

When it comes to world premieres no one does it like Taylor Swift. Indeed, after all the rumors and media controversy, everybody expected a huge declaration. As we all know, the best way she does it is by writing a song and make the world sing it. Indeed, it was what they made her do. So, for the release of her new single and video, she prepared her fans with some sneak peeks.

3. Make it clear and loud

The world was used to see some characteristic colors of Taylor Swift identity. We all thought about her in pink and soft palettes. Thus, when she came up with these series of text videos, we were all surprised. She used high and mighty fonts, an orange color and shocking motions. It’s different from her style, but we got the message.

4. Share some real you 

In the between of an identity transition, we can make a big statement, but there’s another thing we have to think about too. Not all the significant transformation are accepted by once, and we can’t expect that. However, we need to find a balance point, so our followers feel comfortable enough. Furthermore, our essence remains regardless of how we change. Therefore, she took her cat as her balance point to show she’s still that cute girl.

5. Start with style 

Once everything’s ready, let the visuals do the talk. Make a simple statement and let your audience do the rest. Just like she did the day she launched the new album by using this powerful image. For instance, without much effort, she showed herself powerful, careless and multicolored which means that she’s up to everything they want to say about her.
Taylor Swift
6. Human side is always the best

While we were all anxious about the new album release, she was doing all the opposite we could think. She was not out partying and rocking. Instead, she was expecting the news with her cat fella. Thence, she showed the world that sometimes all we want to do is stay in real touch with essential moments!
Taylor Swift
7. Fresh and new

If you haven’t seen Taylor Swift’s profile for a while, you should do now. Perhaps, you didn’t know she erased all her Instagram feed to start fresh over with this new moment of her life. Indeed, she’s not the first on doing so, but it was shocking considering she’s one of the most followed persons on the platform.
Taylor Swift
8. Take the best from your content and be the first to show it

No one owns more content of you than yourself. So, why let others take control of what your followers are going to see? If you have a lot to say and show, do so. Don’t wait until other give the wrong message. As in this example, she gave an exclusive content for their follower’s thanks to the new upcoming album. A more intimate look on her life and she has to say about the recent events.
Taylor Swift
9. Behind the scenes are always a good take

No matter what you do for the living. If you want people to follow your steps on Social Media, then you have to show some behind the scenes. You have to show the real you because people love the process as much as they enjoy the final results. Furthermore, when someone so famous like Taylor Swift posts something like this, it opens a big door for those who want to feel related to her.
Taylor Swift
10. Show little pieces of yourself

We talk a lot about being more and more human. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you have to be incredibly human that looks fake. All the opposite, details like this, make people feel comfortable with the content, but it doesn’t mean that she’s trying too hard. It is a simple quote handwritten that makes people feel like they can share it. Similarly, it’s also personal, so it’s almost like she wrote for you.
Taylor Swift
11. Make all of us want high things

When you’re about to launch a massive project, you have to keep in mind Social Media works offline too. Perhaps, we can forget that sometimes and don’t create offline experiences to support our strategy. However, Taylor Swift knows precisely how it works, and she plans things like this so that her fans can enjoy and share.
Taylor Swift
12. Attach to trends that relate to you

Sometimes, we can get lost in the massive amount of patterns on Instagram. It’s almost impossible to choose just one that fixes our strategy. But, we can always try to make our best effort to show one by one at the right time. For instance, watercolor painting became favorite this year, and we all relate Taylor to pretty things like this. So, she perfectly matched the trend with the countdown for her new album release.
Taylor Swift

Sometimes the world hates her. Sometimes they love her. But, we can assure you is that she handles one of a kind strategy and knows how to treat her followers. Also, it reminds us that always less is better and you only need few words to send the right message. Finally, we hope you learned a lot from this and shared with us your thoughts!


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