The perfect Instagram photo

How far would you go to get the perfect Instagram photo? Would you risk your own life? We’re sure most of you wouldn’t. However, there are some people willing to put themselves in danger to get a nice shot of themselves doing something amazing. 

And to be fair, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to show nice pics to your followers. The problem comes when you start risking your life in order to do so. Now, why are we even talking about this? Well, let us explain.

As it turns out, not so long ago, all sorts of news sites started to talk about a couple of Instagram influencers who performed a dangerous stunt on an infinity pool. The photo which can be seen below shows the couple on the edge of the pool kissing each other. 

But, here’s the thing. The woman in the photo is not actually inside the pool. Instead, she’s hanging out of it, risking herself to a fall that could end her life… or could it?

You see, the photo itself does appear as if the woman could fall at any time. And let’s face it, seeing the picture without knowing more about the location does indeed make us see the whole stunt as potentially dangerous. 

But, the truth is that in this particular case, the girl was never in grave danger. As a matter of fact, here’s another photo of the same location that shows that there was actually another pool below the woman. 

The perfect Instagram photo

The Perfect Instagram Photo – Kissing On A Moving Train

Now, the fact that the first photo wasn’t an actual dangerous stunt doesn’t mean that there aren’t other influencers that do risk their lives in order to get a nice Instagram photo. As a matter of fact, weeks after the first couple featured in this article posted the controversial photo on their Instagram account, multiple news sites on the web started to criticise another two influencers for taking a photo of themselves kissing outside of a moving train. 

Unlike the first case, this couple did actually risk falling to death when they decided to hang themselves from a moving train – to get the photo they wanted. Fortunately, both of them returned to the vehicle safe and sound. 

Now, the moment they decided to post the photo on their Instagram account was when things took a turn. Some of their followers applauded the stunt. However, there were others that didn’t condone it. 

“And then they wonder why people die by trying to get similar pics…” a user commented. Moreover, this stunt inspired other influencers to do the same. In fact, another couple from Portugal copied the stunt, and posted a similar photo to their Instagram account.

Dangerous Instagram stunt

Evidently, this caused some of their followers to be angry at them. In their defence, the couple stated that the train was moving really slowly, and they were not actually in any danger.

But, then again, who knows what could’ve happened if something went wrong. So, tell us, how far would you go for the perfect Instagram photo?


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