Jossmery Toledo becomes influencer

Social media platforms have been changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world. Small business owners who suddenly became successful, regular people who entered the world of influencers. The birth of popular challenges, and so much more. We could certainly keep on and on. But, instead, we are just going straight to the point. The policewoman influencer.

There is no doubt whatsoever that social media platforms allow anyone regardless of their profession to become popular. Moreover, they allow people to influence the masses. There are priests on Youtube that make entertainment content that people do actually want to see. Math teachers, firemen, and of course police officers.

In this particular case, however, there is a policewoman who became an Instagram influencer thanks to a viral trend called the “Bibbidi Bobbidi boo challenge”

bibidi babidi boo on Instagram

How it all started

So, to understand this story, you first need to know the person behind it all. Jossmery Toledo. A Peruvian policewoman who became very popular after doing a Tik Tok challenge known as “Bibbidi Bobbidi boo.” Some of you are probably familiar with this challenge. But, we are still going to give you a short brief of what it is about.

You see, the Bibbidi Bobbidi boo challenge seeks to resemble the cinderella scene from the Disney movie in which the princess gets a dress to go to the prince’s party. It is important to notice that before getting such a dress, the character had nothing but old garments.

So, the trend would have people first posing with something “ugly” looking to then be transformed into hot people. The Bibbidi Bobbidi boo soundtrack would play on the background. Well, Jossmery Toledo did such a challenge first posing with her police uniform to then appear with a tight dress. That was when things changed for her.

The policewoman influencer

Becoming an Influencer 

Now, you might be wondering, what does Tik Tok has to do with Instagram? Well, if we are being honest, absolutely nothing. You see, Jossmery Toledo became an Instagram influencer after a journalist caught a glance at her version of the challenge on Tik Tok and decided to make a note about it. 

That is how one day, out of nowhere, there were multiple Peruvian papers printing notes such as “Meet the beautiful Peruvian policewoman who is also a model” Digital versions of the newspapers published Toledo’s Instagram. And well… That skyrocketed her career.

So much so, that the former officer (we will explain why we are saying former later) now has over half a million followers. Talk about crazy, right?

Who is Jossmery Toledo


So, things went well during the first days. Jossmery Toledo became very popular and everyone began talking about her. Unfortunately, everything changed pretty quickly when the official law enforcement institution opened an investigation against Toledo for posing with her work uniform on the Tik Tok challenge.

Apparently, high ranks of the Peruvian Police institution were not happy to see the uniform being used in a challenge. In fact, they stated it was simply disrespectful. 

In general, there was a positive and negative outcome from the media attention the former agent of the law got. Fortunately, most of the things Toledo got to experience were positive. As a matter of fact, why don’t you take a look at the following list to see how things changed for her. 

Instagram police influencer


. She made a music video
. She has a higher source of income
. Brands often get in touch with her to make business
. Her Instagram account grew in just a mere month
. Toledo is hired by night clubs for short presentations


. People started to bully her
. Her life became public
. Gossip shows started to criticize her
. She left the law enforcement institution
. She had to attend a psychologist to deal with the pressure


Some people state it’s not fair Jossmery received so much hatred from internet users after making the popular Tik Tok challenge. As a matter of fact, there was a Facebook post where a Peruvian policeman can be seen doing the same challenge as well. However, he was not subjected to be investigated and thus people did not criticize him. 

This led people to blame the whole situation on sexism. Crazy, huh? Now, tell us. What do you think?


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