Things You Shouldn't Post On Instagram

No matter how hard we try to make you understand and apply all the new features and trends on Instagram. If you don’t know what you shouldn’t be doing, then all the work could be trash. Remember that only one mistake could represent a massive disaster, and we don’t want that. It’s better to prevent from chaos whether it’s a personal account or a company’s. As long as you stay in line, there’s nothing to worry about, and you can keep being happy through your path.

You might be thinking that there’s no such thing as a wrong post in Social Media, which is the place for freedom and everything is possible. But no, there are some limits, not because you can’t post anything but because not everything is right for you to post. Sometimes, you might be committing a felony, and you didn’t even know, like stealing rights, being offensive, annoying your audience or being imprudent. We can keep counting all the wrong moves that perhaps you won’t notice but a lot of people will.

Believe us when we say we could make a longer list, but we don’t want you to think that Instagram is no a free place to post. Instead, we want you to keep posting more, but the good stuff. Avoiding unnecessary content or making your followers disappear. So let’s focus on this short list of things you shouldn’t post.

1. Pictures without credits

Yes, we know that by just reading the heading you already grabbed your phone and start checking. Probably, this is the most common mistake anyone (including companies) do, not just on Instagram but in every single platform. When someone creates something, the less that expects is the credits for it. If we don’t do that, we’re not being respectful and committing a felony by stealing someone’s creativity and author rights. Pretty bad, right? We bet that most people are not conscious about this, so we’re not judging. But yes, it’s an attention call to don’t keep doing it anymore, please.

2. Incoherent pics

A photo in the gym but not sweating, all hair perfect and full of makeup? You might think that’s the coolest, but most people would believe that it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe you’re posing almost naked, but your caption says some inspirational quote or “super smart” phrase. What do you mean? Nobody’s going to judge you if you want to show your sexuality or show your daily routine. But for some reason, people hate incoherence and double-faced posts. Go straight and don’t panic about showing who you are. If you’re going no filter, then no filter it is.

Things You Shouldn't Post

3. Children that aren’t yours

Who doesn’t love a picture of a cute baby or a playful kid? Nobody complains about it. But when it comes to legal terms, you shouldn’t be posting pictures of infants that aren’t yours. First of all, it goes against the law. Secondly, because if you give a second thought, it might look creepy. When it comes to your owned kids, you’re free of doing as you please, but we recommend you keeping their privacy or intimacy protected to avoid abuses. For example, try not to show pictures of their naked bodies or doing something that might embarrass them.

4. Photos in bed

Personal moments are delicate, and it’s really up to you sharing them or not. But every time you decide to post a picture from your bed, remember you’re giving the world a closer look of your intimacy. Sometimes, people take this pictures further, like shooting themselves after sex or in the act, and then post it. It might seem not offensive but once a job seeker sees that, probably will think twice about you. Remember, your Instagram profile also represents who you are, and it will affect other’s decisions about you, whether you like or not.

Things You Shouldn't Post

5. While driving

You’ve got a new car and wanted to try all the things you can. Therefore, recording yourself singing or just looking at the camera while driving should be a priority, right? Well, my friend, as it may seem one of the coolest things you could do, it’s a super insecure and irresponsible action that might cost you an accident or worse. Not all the amazing stuff we see on Social Media are safe, and we can barely notice that this is one of them. Using the phone for texting or calling is against the law. Now, imagine how wrong is that you record yourself while driving. Be cool but also prudent!

6. When you’re wasted

If you’re going through a face where being irreverent is what you think is the coolest, we don’t want to bother you, but please read carefully. Post pictures of yourself or friends wasted are everything but cool. Otherwise, it might show a lack of maturity and respect for the ones you love if you post your friends’ worst moments. Once again, in Social Media, what’s done is done, and you might lose an opportunity for something like this. Share those fun moments between your groups or use disappearing posts, but please let them be away from your feed.

Things You Shouldn't Post

7 . A thousand things at the same time

When you’re a newbie, you make some mistakes, and it’s not your fault, it’s a matter of time and experience. One of the most common mistakes for those who just entered into the Instagram world is to post a thousand pictures at the same time. Well, maybe not a thousand but probably ten. There’s something called frequency and reach, and by posting like crazy, you won’t’ get anything but bothering the followers and show that you’re not a pro. So keep calm, and pick just the most relevant. Besides, today we prefer just posting once a day. But if it’s still a little for you, then choose wisely what and when to post, not all at once.

Things You Shouldn't Post

Keep tracking what you do daily and check what needs to be changed. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, but try to correct them before they turn against you. Also, don’t forget to comment what you think about this list and what others things people shouldn’t do.


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