Tips To Create A Meme

Creating a meme is not longer an online meme creator’s job. It’s something more delicate than that and requires your entire attention to come up with a pretty cool idea and translate it into a fantastic piece of meme art. Whether you work in photoshop or paint, you need to focus on the main features to make sure your product will be the best.

No need for highly artistic qualities but surely you need to know where each piece belongs in the big map. What’s more important, you need to study the meaning of your idea, how it works better, how many words would it need to work fine and what’s the best image to mix with. As we said, despite memes look like fortuitous things on the internet, only the ones with clear goals and launched with accuracy are the ones destinated to succeed.

Thus, we listed a few but effective tips to keep in mind next time you t try to do your best on a trending topic. We know you want to explore new fields for your brand and want to try something viral. What’s better than a meme then? But first, please look closer at the following steps in order to make things right.

1. Don’t think you don’t have to be clever

As dummy as a meme may look like, it’s a tricky thing for those who don’t pay attention enough. When you decide to create a meme you don’t only need to know the trend, also, you need to acknowledge every single detail about that trend. Find data, what people think about it, real facts and so on. Otherwise, your jokes might look stupid and not funny. Remember, humorists, prepare their sketches very carefully. So, why wouldn’t you do the same?

2. Look for references and trends

And by looking for, we mean research. You know how fanatic we are of research method because it’s a helpful strategy. Therefore, when you’re about to search for a meme trend, you don’t necessarily have to start on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Go to places like Reddit first. Go to the genesis of topics. You might find surprisingly good stuff and the first memes before they go viral on Social Media.

How To Create A Meme

3. Good quality images count

You might think a meme doesn’t need a quality picture, but in fact, it does. Even the frame of the picture counts. If it’s square, large, and so on. Remember, everything inside a composition communicates something, and even the absence of something also communicates. So, unless you meant to post a bad quality photo for some reason, try to make your best.

4. Make sure you’re not the only one who understand the joke

Certainly, there is an audience for everything in Social Media, but what people often forgets when doing a meme, is how personal this is. Take a closer look at your behavior, what memes you like. Don’t be fooled by the fact that you love a trend and want to make a meme of it. If you don’t know how to make a joke about it, please stop, and let someone else do it. A not funny meme is not fresh, and haters are going to hate.

How To Create A Meme

5. Does it work for my audience?

Another common mistake is the rush for being on a trend no matter what consequences it brings to your brand. Visual Branding matter and culture company too. Despite the hottest topic is a trend, try to keep in mind that you can only post it if it works for your brand, and most importantly, if it doesn’t affect the branding negatively. Run, but don’t hit your head on a wall.

6. Follow the formula
As for journalistic writing, the four W/H questions are important. Meme art also has key phrases to help you through the caption writing: “What people think I do/What I do” or perhaps “When I do,” these are just a few examples you can easily find in almost every successful meme. Also, a good and short dialogue is appreciated by the audience. Be creative but stick to the effective formulas you know.

How To Create A Meme

Try your best and make your user laugh with your clever sense of humor. Let us know what your favorite meme is and how do you think this strategy can be improved.


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