filters on Instagram

We all know Instagram is a popular app. Its functions are very easy. Therefore, you take a picture, add an effect and share it with your followers. Furthermore, one of its biggest attractions is that you can make pictures prettier or more artistic by adding Instagram filters. But, we always come to the same question every time, which is: How to use filters on Instagram?

Today, you have a range of options with basic filters, and probably more on the way. Also, you can edit by using manual options. However, let’s focus on how to use these basic filters, so you can have a better idea next time you post a picture.

It adds more light to the image, but it focuses on the center of the picture. So, if you use this filter in a darker picture, then, you’ll see how details appear. Similarly, when you take a picture in a bar or dark place, you can use this filter to make it brighter.

It gives a tender look to the image. Furthermore, you can use it at closer angles or selfies because it makes the tone of the skin look better.

When you want a cold temperature for the picture, use Hudson. Even if it’s for that beach picture with blue sky, shining sun. In fact, it’s the best filter for that kind of landscape. Also, you can use it for architecture pictures.Finally, take a picture of your favorite quote in a book and use this filter to make it look better.

filters on Instagram

4.Xpro II
It’s ideal if you want intense colors in a picture and detail things like flowers, landscapes, fabrics, or high contrast in general.

If you need a soft effect, then Sierra is your perfect choice. Similarly, Rise makes picture softer, but Sierra blurs a bit more. So, use it when trying to create a nostalgic atmosphere.Likely, it works perfectly for your pet’s pictures.

The principal function of this filter is to play with shadows and colors. Therefore, you should use it carefully. Besides, we recommend to use it on selfies because you’ll see unnecessary details. However, it works perfectly on food pics.

It makes pictures warmer. Also, it helps to highlight soft colors and pink tones. Therefore, kids’ pictures are perfect for this filter.

filters on Instagram

This Instagram filter offers a soft shining light. It’s warm and it gives a red touch. Although, we don’t recommend it for urban pictures. However, it works fine for sunrise pictures where nature is the main point.

If you want the result to be a bit white and yellow, then you have to use it. Nevertheless, it won’t work fine on selfies. But, it gives a special touch to landscape pictures in a cold weather.

Unlike Walden, this filters if perfect for selfies and portraits. Furthermore, highlights the contrast and improves the lighting, which is perfect for close up pictures.

The yellow ink and the low contrast brings a fog sensation in the pictures. Therefore, it’s great for city landscapes.

filters on Instagram

By using this filter, pictures get a vintage look. Meaning, colors get warmer, like in Wes Anderson’s movie.

Amazing if you’re a food fanatic! Especially, if it’s about desserts, coffees or bakery. It creates a soft contrast and brightness in the pictures, which makes food looks more delicious.

Similarly, if you’re a plants fanatic, you can use this filter. Its function is to highlight the green and blue tones, which adds a pretty contrast.

It’s a monochromatic filter. Therefore, it works perfectly for portraits in black and white.

filters on Instagram

It offers a black frame and a pink touch to the picture. The lighting goes in the center. Also, it works great for furniture or details inside a house.

It makes the edges darker and it brings a dramatic touch. So, with this filter, you can create a nostalgic atmosphere. Furthermore, use it for lonely places or forgotten landscapes.

As its name says, it gives a toasted touch to the picture, especially in the center. Thus, it will look like an old picture. So, try to use it for a lunch or outdoor parties.

It turns your image into a black and white creation. So, there are no tones in this filter. Therefore, if not another filter convinces you, remember black and white is always a good option.

Natural tones as wood and dry leaves go perfectly with this filter. Besides, it’s great for buildings even if there’s too much light in the picture.

Creates a balance between blues and green, highlighting the reds. Thus, with this filter, you avoid the fact of being to tan or too white. Amazing for selfies and portraits.

It gives a soft light and a bit blurred sensation. Thence, use it for your pet’s picture outdoors to highlight details.

filters on Instagram

It makes blues and greens more intense. Hence, use it when it comes to landscapes to highlight the green.

If you want your cold and blue tones get stronger, then use this filter. It’s inspired by New York’s streets, which means that urban landscapes look better with this one.

It makes a better use of shadows and blue colors. But, it doesn’t work on Selfies. Therefore, it’s better to use it in outdoors pictures with some friends.

filters on Instagram


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