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Videos are gaining more popularity in Social Media, and you need Video Apps to work them. Millions of videos are uploaded on Snapchat, Facebook, and even Twitter. Besides, the live transmissions are also something to consider this year. Thus, one of the most important platforms to upload videos is Instagram. But, Instagram has a particularity, the largest length is only 60 seconds, so we’re talking about the art of making short videos.

Now, we even have to acknowledge the fact that Instagram Stories have another visual language than feed videos. Although the strategy might be a bit different, the content must be creative, and easy to watch in just a few seconds. Once you finish that step and record the video, you need a tool to mix all the footage. Yes, we know that not everyone is a video edition master. Therefore, we made a list of the most incredible video apps for Instagram.

1. Giphy Cam

If you’re not into GIFs, then you need to get into it now. For those who are familiar with this popular format, Giphy Cam comes from the popular GIF platform, Giphy. You’re already free to upload material to the platform, turn it into GIFs and send it to your e-mail to upload the file on your Instagram account. Now, you can record a video in GIF format also adding elements that the app offers. Once you’re done, you can upload the file. It’s time for spontaneous GIFs!

2. Lapse it

This app is perfect for those time-lapse lovers and apps with good reviews enthusiasts. There’s nothing like a great time-lapse to shock your audience with your photography ability. Lapse will help you to create amazing content, both for Android and iOS without distortions on your resolution. Take advantage of this app whether if you’re a landscapes catcher or if you find yourself in the middle of an important event. Let your imagination take its time!

3. Magisto

When an app is as smart as it’s easy, we call it Magisto. It’s a multitasking app that performs great with its elements and the material you give. When you’re not so sure how to order your stuff or what kind of video you need, Magisto knows better and guides you through the proper path. It takes your footage. You select a video style and music. Quickly, the app will create the best video in a few simple steps. Magisto is highly rated in both Play Store and App Store.

Video Apps Instagram

4. Viva Video

It’s available for both Android and iOS. This powerful app lets you edit in a different level. It includes tools for a professional edition. Therefore, you can cut, combine clips, include audio files and transitions when needed. Also, there’s a gallery with special effects and blur options. Although it’s amazing when you download the product, it comes with a watermark that can be removed only by paying the premium version. Anyway, you can try to see if it worths the price, or you can handle the watermark.

5. No Crop

Also used for optimizing your photographs and videos on Instagram Stories. No Crop is a fast, straightforward and easy-to-use app. It allows us to publish a video without cuts. You can also add a lot of cool stuff. For example, if the video needs a bit of hot sauce, add audio files. On the other hand, if you want to add a special touch, blur the edges of the video. Available for Android and iOS.

6. Splice

Simple doesn’t mean powerless. Quite the opposite,  when an app is simple to use, and it gives you professional results, it’s to be considered as a great app.  Splice is a GoPro product that lets users whether to edit or record a video. Although it is only available on iOS, you can find similar products on Android, like Quick. The app gives you a very close sensation of what editing in a computer looks like. Add titles and sequences to promote your product. Bring the video experience to your users.

Video Apps Instagram

7. FxGuru

If you want to take your video to another level and be more outrageous, FxGuru is what you need. Video edition apps can be helpful, easy to use, and mobile friendly. But, most of them are made for standard versions. Thus, it’s so hard to find a good edition app to add that special touch. FxGuru helps you to edit and add Hollywood same effects. What about to create a fictional story? It’s possible now, and you can do it all from your mobile. The best part is that you find it on Android and iOS. No one misses the fun.

8. Phhhoto

Today, it’s very popular to see pictures in sequence that look like a video. Although, they’re not videos and companies want to make sure you understand they’re not. Thus, there are apps like Phhhoto. Yes, we know that it’s a funny name to spell. But, it’s useful as well. It is a short video creation app ready to shoot moving pictures. Therefore, it gives you a short video illusion with pictures in motion.

9. Horizon

Vertical recording might be a huge problem, but sometimes it’s the only way you can record. Don’t worry, because Horizon will help you with that problem. The app works converting vertical videos to horizontal videos. Thus, the app is perfect for both amateurs and professionals. Due to there’s an audience that prefers videos in the horizontal format than the vertical. Although the iOS version is full of unique elements, the Android version is good enough too.

Video Apps Instagram

Let that fear go away. Now, you know that there’s no need of being a professional video editor. The app world makes everything easier to you. It only takes time to explore all the options and finally find the best for your needs. Try the ones we showed you and let us know how they work.



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