Video Making for Social Media

Whether you’re an experienced filmmaker or just beginning in the Social Media world, this might help you.  No matter how good you’re in video making, you need to learn what works best for these platforms. Especially, for Instagram. As you may know, it’s the most important platform to show and sell products. But, do you know how to show them? Don’t panic, and instead, enjoy this fantastic and helpful article that shows you the best from the best. Learn how visual language works in Social Media from the best examples.

1. @the_OA

As a first example of video making for Social Media, we wanted to take you out of the box. Therefore, we know you may seem confused when playing the video below. Don’t worry. We didn’t post a wrong link. In fact, it’s the most accurate to post. If you want this video to make sense, then, you need to go to The OA profile and complete the puzzle. Yes, you’ve seen images puzzle, but now videos are part of that Social Media game too. It’s just a part of a piece made of various posts. Together, videos and images, create one message!


2. @thedesigntip

We couldn’t believe how simple and awesome this video is. Well, it’s not that simple. Indeed, it takes a lot of work to make that something so good, looks so careless and efficient. Besides, it mocks of one of the most annoying pressures in Social Media, the followers. Therefore, it’s a great resource to make something human breaks through the virtual world. The guy does what everybody would like to do if they could. By using a simple format of a profile, we couldn’t guess what’s going to happen. The surprise element is the key here!

3. @humanitybytes

Another but different example of video making in simple terms is this one. We’ve got a lot to thank illustrators for video language in Social Media. Here is the proof, simple lines, powerful message, and just one movement. No need of models, cameras, sounds or special effects. In fact, what’s important in Social Media videos, is the power of the central idea. Nobody has the time to analyze and discover a hidden message. Thus, the more direct it is, the most engagement it receives.

4. @nike

Like any other big brand in Social Media, Nike knows best. Sometimes, you want to share all the products at once. But, that’s not always a good move. Likewise, pointing many things at the same time, showing all the products may confuse the user. No questions why. Imagine you go to a store to buy something, then, you find yourself so confused that you end up not buying at all. Well, this works the same way.

Although, Nike found a clever way to show different products at once. You can’t even notice it, and indeed, you get involved in the video. It’s not necessary to look at it twice, and the message remains the same. Through a collage motion, smartly filling the screen and a great font at the end. It makes this video, one of the best examples, and something you can easily do too.

5. @nikemwomen

Once again, we have to look at the best if we want to be the best. We hadn’t seconds thoughts on showing you another Nike video. Essentially, Nike for Women rules a particular market these days. In case you didn’t know, “Gritty Women” is one of the most dominating visual trends of 2017. It consists of empowering the active side of a woman. Thence, most of the sports brands created separated channels for women to apply the trend, and it was a success.

Here, we can see one big icon of the “Gritty Women” movement even before it was a trend. The famous tennis player, Serena Williams, who is a perfect personification of dynamic and powerful women. The smart move is to use somebody who is not only a Social Media Influencer but a worldwide recognized figure. The goal is to share one single message to reach every girl out there. Amazing!

6. @amazon

We keep talking about “simplicity” because it is the gasoline of video making for Social Media. If you still don’t trust us, just take a look at the video below. It wasn’t necessary to bring anyone or anything famous to send a strong and positive message. Besides, it’s also a good example because it joins to the worldwide celebration of Pride Month. It’s a smart way to accede a good cause and at the same time, promote your values.

7. @chanelofficial
Most of the popular brands on Social Media are makeup and clothing lines. Therefore, we wanted to show you an example that wraps both in one. Needless to say, Chanel is an iconic brand that doesn’t need an introduction. Nevertheless, we want to show you they’re working hard on creating a perfect visual language for their videos. As a prime example, we want to show you this one below. It’s a sturdy and perfect way of making art and selling the brand with no effort. However we’re still watching from a small screen, we can feel it’s big enough to touch and feel the products.

Now you know how to impress your audience with videos. What’s even better, you already know what works for Social Media. Don’t forget to tell us about your first try!


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