Visual Branding creation

Setting up a Social Media profile is as serious as creating a killer brand because that’s the way you engage with your audience in the first place, and is the most important print you leave in the digital world. People MUST recognize your brand even if your logo isn’t placed in the image or video you post on your timeline, and they must feel familiar when you show a new product or service. Haven’t you ever thought about it? Well, you should start thinking about these little but important things.

1. Create the concept

You may have a wonderful idea but you have to create the concept first! Why? You have to build a solid foundation, that simple. For example, if your concept is minimalistic, imagine all the ideas that you can create from that and still based in that solid concept. So next time, the first thing you need to think about is the concept and ideas will come second.

2. Identify the key colors

You really don’t want to have a carnival on your timeline, unless that is your concept, and still, you have to define which key colors to use. First of all, you have to respect the main colors used in your branding identity, and then, you have to find out complementary, neutrals and analogs palettes. Keeping a consistent style is an extra value your users are going to appreciate.

3. Find the best Typography

This is as important as the rest of the elements because it can destroy your content or make it great. First, you need to know the basic types: serif, sans-serif, decorative, and script. Once you know this you need to figure out which are the best for your brand according to the message you want to share. Normally, if it’s too serious, your perfect option is serif typography, and on the contrary, if your brand is fresher, you can use a sans-serif. Now that you know this, you can start your own font mix.

4. Pick the right filters

Now that you have the basic elements, you can focus your attention on the temperature of your images by finding the perfect filter or manual edition. When you have a perfect choice, make sure you write it down on paper, and add the possible variations for some extra illuminated images or high hue, etc. Once you have this, people will recognize the personal touch of your brand.

5. Optimize your logo

And this is mandatory! Because your logo might be great but no necessarily optimized for social media. Maybe we can’t read it well or is too small for the avatar size; in any case, if your logo is too complicated you need to figure out what part you have to use for social media. Will it be the font or the icon? You choose, and once you’re done,  make sure you use the same avatar on every platform.

Do you have any other recommendation for our fresh members? Share your wisdom with us!


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