Weird Instagram accounts to follow if you want a laugh!

5 Weird Instagram Accounts Worth Following

People all over the world upload photos to Instagram every day. However, there are a huge number of those photos that would fit into the category of weird to WTF. Today, we are here to show you 5 weird Instagram accounts worth following to get out of boredom.

Before we start though, let us explain how this is going to be ranked. We will start with the least bizarre account at number 5 to the most bizarre at number one. So bear with us and get ready to check out some of the weirdest Instagram accounts you have ever seen.

5Bruno Pontiroli

Bruno Pontiroli is an artist based in Paris whose Instagram account showcases painting of animals in impossible positions. Currently, the French artist’s Instagram account has over 76k followers and some of his paintings are printed on T-shirts. In fact, celebrities such as Jim Carrey and Charlie Hunnam have worn T-Shirts with his designs on it.

4Mr. Hands Up

Andrew Stoletov is better known on Instagram as Mr. Hands up – and this guy does exactly what he promises. Stoletov uploads Instagram photos where he simply poses in all kind of scenarios with his hands up. He currently has over 8k followers.

He also has a YouTube channel called Socks Crasher. Of course, his channel is also as weird as his Instagram account, but his videos on YouTube are a bit more varied. In fact, he uploads content of himself doing different things, from work out routines to playing basketball. But, where is the weird in that? Well, during his videos he ends up crashing socks. Evidently, he likes to do weird stuff.

3Baddie Winkle

Baddie Winkle is a 90-year-old woman who knows that it’s never too late to live our lives. In fact, the elder woman has become some sort of a celebrity by showing us how good her life is, through Instagram. Currently, she has over 3.6 million followers and posts photos of her just living the life in colorful clothes and good company.

Seeing an elderly woman doing what she does is slightly bizarre. However, she states that people need to own their identity and be who they are. Of course, this is exactly what she does.


Benzank is an Instagram account where we can find pretty bizarre photos. Nevertheless, such photos are actually a form of art. But here’s the thing. Many people would simply look at them and kind of wonder what they actually represent.

Benzank’s photos on Instagram are somewhat weird, yet art to some eyes. Most of them are portraits of humans being anything but humans. If that makes any kind of sense. In fact, there are just a handful of photos where we can see a face. But, the scenes captured in the photos make up for it.

Basically, Benzank’s account shows us a combination of weirdness and art.

1Combo Photo

Combo Photo is an Instagram account run by artist Stephen Mcmennamy, with over 385k followers. This account also shows us a weird collection of photos and a form of art at the same time. There are over 640 posts showcasing combinations of photos such as a chili and heels, a banana and a pencil, and much more.



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