Weird Selfie Trends

Since selfies became a trend for excellence, we’ve seen its evolution. People have found many ways of taking a picture. Therefore, for those who thought it would pass away, they’re wrong. It seems like every month someone creates a new catchy way of taking a selfie. Whether comes from a celebrity or random viral move. We always get surprised by the creativity or lack of productive time in people.

Nevertheless, it’s not only important to take a simple selfie. Today, you need to take a selfie that proves audacity. Challenge the world is the primary goal. Now, people want to show courage, rebellion, and so on. So, a regular selfie is completely out of the new Social Media context. Thus, when we see a new selfie trend, it’s surprising. Girls are fearless, and boys don’t care about having a feminine touch. What’s socially accepted doesn’t represent the limits.

We might think that there’s nothing left to show. We already saw Kim Kardashian’s nude selfie, Kylie Jenner with her finger on the lip, and the bathroom selfie. So, what else can come next? Suddenly, out of the blue, new trends appear passing through the old ones. What matters now is how weird they’re getting. Sometimes, they might be considered as dangerous. Although it’s a question of perspective, they’re outrageous.

Take a look at these three selfie trends ruling Social Media. They’re crazy, spontaneous and challenging.

Bambi Pose

Apparently, imitating an animal is a successful move. What seemed to be crazy or just for theater classes now is a “must.” First, the ladies tried to imitate ducks and “duck face” became an ongoing selfie trend. Later, the “fish gape,” proper from top models, became something accepted for ordinary girls. Although people are representing animals, these trends are known for being accurate if you want a good result in your picture. Meaning, they “help you” to look sexier and prettier.

Now, after ducks, fishes, and finger on the lips like chimps, we’ve got “Bambi pose.” Of course, we’re talking about the same Bambi from Disney. Yes, we know your brain can’t process how this is a trend. Well, since supermodels are also Instagram trendsetters, we can expect all kinds of crazy poses to be trending. This pose is one of Bella Hadid’s favorite. She enjoys taking pictures of herself posing like Bambi, and so many girls who made the trend a viral thing.

If you’re asking how to do it, then put yourself on your knees and slowly let your body lay back down. Extend your arms or put them close to your face. We can’t judge if this is pretty or not. So, if you want to give it a try, we can’t blame you.

Weird Selfie Trends


All of us know how important is for some people to be popular in Social Media. But, what cost are you willing to pay for it? Does it worth to put yourself in danger? We can ask a thousand questions like these to those who risk almost everything for some likes. The answer might be confusing or radical. Thus, once in a while, we see tragic things due to Social Media influence. Sometimes, it’s about somebody committing perjurers, cyber bullying and so on.

But what happens when you are putting yourself on the edge of a high damage? That’s the particular case of “Killfie.” The very same name explains what it is about. People go too far from what they should, and sometimes it ends badly. Besides, some contests come out of the blue making people take high risks. Doing the research, you’ll find some misfortune cases of people dying because of taking a killfie.

Most of the injured people are minors. Obviously, when you’re such a young age, you think nothing is going to happen. Thus, take a selfie at the top of a high building doesn’t sound like a bad idea. But the truth is, even in your home if you concentrate on a great shot, you may fall or hit with something. Eventually, you have to figure out what are the limits for your good.

Weird Selfie Trends


Imagine you’re with a group of people traveling to a fantastic place. Suddenly, one of the persons takes the pants off and asks you to take a photo of the backside. Not just a simple picture but one that shows the naked butt. What would be your reaction? We think that not everyone will have a good attitude. The truth is, that scenario is not far from reality. In fact, it’s a new trend called “Belfie.” The trend consists of dropping pants and exposing the butt in an iconic place.

It became popular between travelers around the world. Apparently, now you could see anyone pants off at the Eiffel Tower or the Grand Canyon. Before you decide to be the one who takes the pictures, we recommend you to check the law. In many places, it could represent a problem and the end of the trip. In any case, if you want to learn more, there is an Instagram account “@cheekyexploits” filing the best from the trend.

Weird Selfie Trends

It’s important for us to know what you think of these trends. Discuss this important subject with your team. Help yourself to be ready for upcoming trends and how to react. Share your thoughts with the community and leave a comment behind. Also, keep digging and tell us what you think is coming next.


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