Social media is down

Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp have stopped working once again. As a matter of fact, this is the second time this year, that all three social media sites have gone down. But, how is this even happening? Moreover, why is it happening? Indeed, there was a time when we all could use social media without any problem whatsoever. 

So, it comes as a surprise to see that our favourite websites are failing this constantly. And what’s more worrying is that there’s no official explanation as to why this is happening. Now, should we be worried?

Well, it truly depends on which side of the coin you are on. Unfortunately, we all suffer consequences every time these social media sites go down. But, it helps to know that some lose more than others. And today we are going to go through how social media affect us when it stops working. 

Social media is failing

How Does It Affect Big Companies

This one is very easy. In fact, we can summarize it with one word – MONEY. The fact of the matter is that when you are a multi-billion dollar company such as Facebook or Instagram, there’s no affording going offline even for one second. 

But, why? Well, as I’m sure most of you know, Facebook and Instagram make most of their money through advertisements. So, whenever they fail, big companies get scared and start pulling out their cash from these sites. In other words, Facebook loses millions of dollars every time it goes down. 

Evidently, all of the big companies that invest in Facebook and Instagram, stop making money as well. Indeed, they lose some of the most important tools that these social media sites offer to help them reach an audience of potential clients. 

Instagram is down

How Does It Affect The General Public

In the case of the public in general, things are not that bad. In fact, the most that can happen is for us to be unable to use certain features. The good side though is that the problem doesn’t really affect all of us. For instance, the first time all three social media platforms went down, I was still able to use all of their features normally.

However, the second time, I could not see any pictures or even comment on any post. In other words, social media does affect people in general, but not on a serious level. 


There’s no official word as to why Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are going down so frequently. However, we do know that the reason why these platforms are failing has nothing to do with any sort of external attack.

Still, it’s more than obvious that Facebook will do everything in its power to stop this as soon as possible. Especially because they lose tens of millions of dollars every time the platform stops working. 


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