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So, unless you live under a rock, you have probably already seen the Who are you filter on Instagram. I mean, it’s pretty much impossible not to have seen it. All major celebrities are using it. However, in case you missed the trend, here’s a brief explanation of what it is about. 

The “Who are you” Instagram filter basically allows you to play a sort of game in which an array of different characters from Disney, the Simpsons, Harry Potter, and more appear over your head. Then, it stops at a certain character and that indicates who you are supposed to be. 

For instance, Mark Ruffalo, better known for his role as Hulk in the MCU used this filter. And, guess what? Yes, he did get the Hulk as his “Who are you” character

Same thing has happened with other celebrities. Some of the Friend’s cast tried the filter too. In short, the who are you filter is something designed to make you have fun for a short period of time. 

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The who are you filter on Instagram started off as a filter exclusively portraying Disney Characters. However, when it went viral people started creating variations from it. As a matter of fact, you can now use the filter with different characters from other companies. From Harry Potter to Pixar and even Marvel. 

What’s funny though is that people have gone as far as to create variations that some might consider ridiculous. For instance, you can play: What font are you? What age are you? What Cat are you? among others.

What cat are you

How to get it

In order to get the filter, you need to find a friend who used it. Simply go to their stories and check on to see if they used the who are you filter. If they did, the filter’s name will appear under your friend’s handle in the top left corner. Click it and you will get an option allowing you to try the filter.

Finally, all that’s left to do is to simply use it and show the world which character you are. But, please notice that you cannot modify the filter itself. So, if your friend is using the “Which Disney Character are you? but you want to try the “What cat are you? Then you need to find someone who’s used the filter you actually want to try. 

Instagram who are you filter creator


In case you do not have any friends who have used the filter. Then you can go straight to the source.  The filter was created by a photographer named 
Arno Partissimo – @arnopartissimo. And saved into one oh his stories highlights. So, all you need to do is to go to his Instagram profile and simply download the filter. That’s pretty much it. 


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