How do I know who unfollowed me on Instagram

You may think that it is impossible to find out who has recently unfollowed you on Instagram. One of the most hurtful things someone can do. It sort of makes you wonder if you are doing something that’s boring your followers. A good reason indeed. However, in some cases, people just stop following certain accounts because of their controlling romantic partners. So, there is no reason to panic. 

Now, whatever the case is. Just chill. Because we are here to provide you with priceless information that will allow you to know who stopped following you. That way, you don’t depend on remembering how many followers you have every day and even then not know who left the list.

First off, if you are wondering about a specific person. You can obviously head to their account and enter their “following” list. If you type your username and you do not come up… I am very sorry. But, they do not follow you anymore.

Track who unfollowed you

Checking who left the list

If you want to find out whether or not more than one person stopped following you. Then, there are other options you can take. Unfortunately, Instagram has recently started to limit apps from analyzing followers’ data. But, there are still a few good third-party apps that can track your followers regardless of the photo-sharing app limitations.

If you’re thinking “who unfollowed me on Instagram” but don’t have the time to invest tracking every single person, this is the most time-consuming way. A good one to download is Followers Tracker Pro. You can check not only how many followers you have earned, but also how many users you don’t follow back, and how many people don’t follow you back. And most importantly, you can check who they are.

How do I know who blocked me on Instagram


Moreover, you can even check you blocked you and who you have blocked in the past. Something we do not tend to remember. If you wish, you can also unfollow those who unfollowed you straight from the app. Followers tracker pro shows you each user with their picture and all the information you require to make your choice.

So remember, if you want to keep your pride and stop liking non-stop someone’s pictures without knowing if they unfollowed you, this is the app for you.


If you notice there is a sudden decrease in your number of followers. Start planning a strategy to gain back what you have lost. Perhaps, clicking this could help you get some ideas on how to increase your followers and generate more engagement. You’re welcome.


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