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What it’s like to work for Instagram

Instagram has grown to a point where over a billion people use the app. Therefore, the company hires individuals to take care of improving the platform. However, do we really know how it is to work for Instagram? Well, we certainly don’t. Nevertheless today we will tell you a bit about it.

But, before we start, there is something we need to make clear. First of all, what you are about to read, does not come from a personal experience. In fact, this article will be based on the experience of former employees who decided to share what it was like to be part of the Instagram team.

Second of all, keep in mind that everyone sees things in different ways. Therefore, what for some people could sound good, for some other people could not, and vice versa. Having said this, let’s start, shall we?

Instagram staff


It goes without saying that working for Instagram comes with quite a few perks. In fact, it is because of those perks that many people all over the world dream about working for Instagram. These are some of the positive aspects of working for one of the largest companies in the world.

Instagram and its perks

1. Fun Environment

Instagram knows it’s important to keep their staff happy. Therefore, they prioritise providing a fun environment where they can work and bring fresh ideas to the table. In fact, because of this, people feel comfortable and become loyal to the company.

Instagram’s offices are full with everything everyone could wish for. From different kind of foods and snacks to rooms to sleep, think and much more.

Instagram staff

2. CareerĀ Development

Instagram is a pretty well-known name all over the world. Therefore, working there helps you develop your career. In fact, to work with Instagram not only means enjoying all of the perks they offer, but also to grow professionally.

Instagram headquarters


Instagram is all about fun and giggles. However, there is also a lot of work that has to be done. Currently, there are over one billion monthly active users on Instagram. Therefore, employees have to work hard to make sure that each one of them enjoys the service.

Now, rather than seeing this as a negative aspect, workers on Instagram see it as part of the job. We believe some people of the staff would dare to say working for Instagram is a bit stressful. Nevertheless, we are confident each and every one of them loves their job and don’t mind a little stress in order to achieve their goals.

Instagram has people working on new updates


Instagram is without a doubt of the best places to work. However, being part of their team is somewhat difficult. Therefore, working on Instagram is actually a big deal. Being creative is proving to be well valued by giants such as Instagram.

If your dream is to work for Instagram, go ahead, follow your dreams.


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