Donald Trump on Instagram

Instagram is the platform of choice for influencers to grow. So, discovering a new influencer while checking your feed is not really too surprising. Now, here’s the thing. Instagram is also home to brands, regular people, and even world leaders! That’s right, there are actual world leaders on Instagram. 

And what’s curious about it all is that some of them are actually very, very popular. So much so that they even have more followers than some of the most famous Hollywood actors. Evidently, having a large base of followers on Instagram is good for world leaders to express their thoughts. But, also to share some of the things of their every day lives.

Feel like finding out which world leaders are on the top of the list? Well, just scroll down to discover. And just a small hint, Donald Trump is not in the list.


Joko Widodo – 22.1M

The third most popular world leader on Instagram is Joko Widodo. He’s been the president of Indonesia since October 2014 and has a large base of followers on his Instagram account. 

President Widodo has 23.4 million followers on Instagram. And his posts receive anywhere from 300k to 1M likes each. Moreover, people seem to like him very much. As a matter of fact, while I was doing my research on why he has so many followers, I discovered that he managed to improve the economy of his country. 


Barack Obama – 23.2

The second world leader on our list is former American president Barack Obama. The fact of the matter is that Obama is one of the most well-known people in the world. Evidently, this has allowed him to gain a massive number of followers in his different social media accounts. 

In fact, on Instagram, he has 23.9 million followers. But, unlike some of the other world leaders with a social media presence, he doesn’t just limit himself to sharing political content. Instead, he goes beyond that and shares lots of posts where we can see him along with his family. 


Narendra Modi – 24.6M

Finally, the number one world leader with the most followers on this list is Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is the current prime minister of India. He assumed the position on May 26th 2014, and since then has grown in popularity. 

Modi has 26.3 million followers on Instagram and his posts get from 1M to 2M likes each. And get this, just like Obama, India’s prime minister doesn’t only post stuff related to politics. In fact, he likes to vary his content. But, rather than posting photos with his family, he chooses to share spiritual related content. 


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