World record egg campaign

Instagram is one of those platforms where new trends are born all the time. About three or four months ago, we all learned about this Instagram account where the photo of an egg went viral. As a matter of fact, this post became so viral that it beat Kylie Jenner’s photo of her baby holding her finger (53m vs 18m likes). 

Evidently, the world record egg account got a lot of followers from that. But, in the end, it was just a trend. And like most trends, it was doomed to be eventually forgotten. Fortunately, this account managed to continue to gain more followers on a daily basis. 

Still, many wondered what would come next for this account. So, every now and then we got to see a new post of an egg with an extra crack on its shell. Actually, the first 5 posts of the world record egg account were pretty much that – eggs with cracks. But, then on February 4th 2019, we were able to see their first video. Feel like guessing what it was about? A mental awareness campaign. 

World Record Egg Mental Awareness Campaign

Hulu and World Record Egg Mental Health Awareness Campaign

So, the world record egg account had already become very popular. There were literally millions of people liking its posts and tapping the follow button every day. Certainly, this was a great opportunity for brands to partner up with the account and create some content to reach people. 

The first brand to strike a deal with the creators of the famous egg account was Hulu. And rather than creating something to generate money, they decided to put together a video that would raise awareness towards mental health.   

The 30-second video was broadcast during the Super Bowl. And it was a complete success. As a matter of fact, most of you know the Super Bowl is one of the shows people all over the world sit down to watch. So, you can imagine the number of people that actually watched the add. 

The main idea was to raise mental health awareness towards that of social media pressure. Within the video, there are messages that encourage users in general to talk to someone if they feel they are under a lot of pressure. 

Moreover, there’s a link in the description of the post where people can enter, to find which website they can ask help on – depending on the country they live in. I was actually surprised to see my country (Peru) was there as well.

Instagram world record egg mental health campaign

End Results

Most of the world record egg followers are teenagers. So, it’s fair to say the goal of the campaign actually reached its target audience. The 30-second video managed to grab the attention of 35.3 million people. And, they were more than happy to comment their opinions on the post. 

As of the date I’m writing this article, there are 106k comments. But, who knows, maybe it will continue getting more views over the next few months.


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