World record egg
Kylie Jenner used to hold the record for the highest number of Insta pic likes - until now!

Instagram is full of people with millions and millions of followers. Of course, the more followers one has, the more likes one gets. In fact, for some years now reality star Kylie Jenner has held the record for having the most liked photo ever on Instagram.

This popular photo is of Kylie’s new born child Stormi holding her finger. At present, Kylie’s photo has over 18 million likes. Unfortunately, it is no longer considered the most popular photo on the internet. 

Why is this? Well, basically – an egg beat it. Believe it or not, the photo of an egg posted a few weeks ago has now almost tripled the number of likes that Kylie’s photo has. The account that posted this particular photo is world_record_egg

At the moment the post has over 53 million likes and the number of followers is over 9.7 million. Of course, it is very likely that these figures will increase in the next few months. 

But what else do we know about this topic? Well, just a few more details. For example, did you know that it only took a week for the egg post to beat Kylie Jenner’s photo? 

One would think that after reaching the goal of the post with more likes, it would all stop. However, people kept on liking the egg for days after. In fact, the likes are still rolling in to this day. 

The Man Behind The Scenes

So, there’s one question we all want to be answered. Who is the person behind this trend? Well, that would be Ishan Goel. Ishan Goel is a 19 year old Indian boy living in the state of Massachusetts. 

World record egg creator

He is a marketing guru, and the person behind making an egg the most famous thing on the internet. Still, he remains humble about the topic and says he was only the driving force.   

In fact, Goel claims that all the credit should go to the chicken that laid the egg.

“I won’t go into too many specifics about the secret sauce, but I can say that I worked to garner attention for the page on Reddit, reached out to media really early on, and told all of the celebrities and influencers in my network to help push it”  he explained in an interview.


Now, let’s talk about the future of this account. First of all, it is important to understand that the world record egg has become one of the most rapid growing accounts on Instagram.

Evidently, this is something that will call the attention of hundreds of brands. In other words, we could see this account becoming some sort of place for businesses to advertise. 

In fact, according to executive director at Pulse Advertising & Talent Management Paulina Paulsen, world egg record could be making quite a lot of money by simply posting content. That is of course, if a brand decides to sponsor it. 

“With 5.8m followers and rising, this account suddenly has a huge audience and could instantly begin commanding five-figure sums per post,” she explains.

World record egg net worth


Of course, this has been a trend all over the world. So, one would need to be living under a rock not to have heard about it. The news about the egg post travelled across all seven continents, catching the attention of brands, influencers, celebrities, and of course, the Guinness World Book of Records. 

But, does this mean that the egg won a place in the renowned book? Well, no. Unfortunately, the egg has not made it into the Guinness World Book of Records. However, it has gained a mention on their official website that you can read clicking here.

world record egg is mentioned on the official site of the world record guinness

Final Thoughts

To be honest, we are just as “eggcited” as everyone else to see what’s going to happen next. And yes, we are confident that something else is coming. As a matter of fact, world record egg has posted a new picture, where we can see the same egg with a small crack. 

So, perhaps we’ll be seeing a baby chicken coming out of that egg to break a new record. There is no way to know but to simply follow the account and wait it out!



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