If You Post These Types of Photos, You are the Worst Instagram User

Yes, Instagram was meant to share our photos with those who desire to see us. The new dresses, the birthday parties and even the cute cat you just adopted. However, these types of photos will not win you more likes. Rather, they could have you hated for appearing callous and self-centered. If you want your army of fans to stay, stay away from them.

  1. Taking pictures of extravagantly prepared meals just to brag about it. Well, few people –if any- want to see your food really. You would be better taking pictures of other things.
  2. Uploading pictures after sex. There are reasons why people need privacy even online. Rather than telling the world you just had sex, keep it to yourself; it actually feels better that way.
  3. Jumping in place when taking pictures. First, it is so last year doing that. Then, you strike a better pose just flashing the victory sign or striking a smile.
  4. Posting gym pictures. You went to the gym to pump yourself or get toned. Let us see the results of the workout rather than the working out itself. Also, you waste lots of time rather than actually working out.
  5. Adding complex words to book lines or other people’s lyrics. There is a high likelihood you have not even read the book and are just trying to impress us. Sorry, we are not impressed.
  6. Uploading pictures of your legs. Well, we know you have the legs. Thanks for that! But they would make a lot more sense with the rest of the body attached.
  7. Taking and uploading pictures of sunsets. By the way, you are taking pics of something everyone has each passing day. Maybe you want us to compare sunsets from our locations, but anything else will not work.
  8. Taking pictures of the wings of planes. Even without the wing, we know you were aboard a plane. Ever realized that those with personal jets never do that? It’s so annoying and cheapening.
  9. Photos of food brands. You take pictures is a Big Mac, or StarBucks coffee mugs and such. First of all, we don’t know why you hate us so much to do that to us.
  10. Taking pictures of out of this world dishes. Not everyone eats cucumbers with peanuts on the same plate. And we know you your eggs with avocado dishes aren’t the most sumptuous, honestly.
  11. Photos of artistic desks. There is a reason you left your home early morning and that, as we all know, is to work. Certainly, it is not to spend hours on end arranging your desk to impress a few followers.
  12. Using the wrong food for #FoodPorn pictures. The reason it is called FoodPorn is because the food is great but illegal…just like physical porn. So avoid thinking your salads are FoodPorn.
  13. Posting pictures of your mug with weird inscriptions. Some writings are better kept for the owner of the mug alone. Avoid telling us how miserable your tea time is since over here; we are having so much fun.
  14. Feigning productivity. You spend a whole afternoon on planning your time that you have not time left to do anything productive. The posting is not productive in any way.
  15. Uploading pictures of you are holding your partner in a weird angle. The weird angles include taking a picture if their behind with your arm jutting from a corner of the picture holding their arm. For all, you may know, you two of you would look much better in a different angle.
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