First impression really counts”. This phrase is so true irrespective of any given context. Research shows it takes two seconds for an online visitor to form an impression about your brand.

Now, you may be busy posting pictures on Instagram and may not have given much focus on writing your Instagram bio. If you are thinking that people really don’t care about bio on Instagram, then you are wrong. Your bio really counts especially in the initial stages when your profile is new and you are looking to develop a follower base on Instagram.

Here is how to write a good Instagram Bio:


Although it’s a very standard component there are ways in which you can make your profile standout of the crowd. Along with your name include your skill or profession. For e.g. “James Patrick, Personal Fitness Trainer.”

Skill and Interests

If you have certain skills that you are good at, then don’t hesitate to show off on your Instagram bio. Along with the skills always feel free to mention your interests and hobbies. This will help users to know about you and your expertise. For e.g. “Sarah Fox, Travel & Fashion// Entrepreneur, Blogger, Photo Stylist Consultant & Artist.”


It’s also important to include important keywords to improve your profile visibility in search results. Mention only the target keywords depending upon the type of audience you are attracting to your profile.

Website link

An advantage of the Instagram bio is that you are able to include the link of your website, blog or any other social media profile you want users to follow or connect with you. Your bio section is only place where you can have clickable links, hence take full advantage of that.



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