Yeezy Season 6

By now, we’re used to Kim Kardashian breaks Social Media and Internet in general. But, this time, she hits with something different for Yeezy season 6. It seems like she’s an endless source of Marketing strategies. So, we can’t stop keeping an eye on what she does, even if we don’t like her lifestyle at all. In fact, it’s admirable how she gets to handle her merch, and now, her husband’s.

In case you didn’t know, she’s married to the also famous singer Kanye West, who’s also a co-creator for Adidas. Therefore, every time he launches a new season for Yeezy, Kim is ready to put her hands to work. So, the rest of the family also joins the promotion. And now, all of his friends too. Also, many fans are going crazy about the concept and joined the mania. So, let’s take a look at the best posts so far.

1.  Kim’s Alien look-alike pose is everything!

It’s been a while since she decided to make this androgynous style of her own. So, it’s not surprising the Internet related it immediately with an alien. Part funny, part true, now we can’t stop seeing Kim and remember this little guy.
Yeezy Season 6

2. Big Time Square moment for the Social Media Mania

Not everything is a joke. Even though we know Kim takes Social Media very seriously, it’s surprising to see the campaign on a big billboard at Time Square. Normally, we’re used to seeing regular ads. But, this time is for Instagram interaction.
Yeezy Season 6

3. Mix famous things with also famous things

Casual, outgoing, fresh and ready-to-go is the best definition of Yeezy style. Thus, it’s great how people get the concept and mix it with similar references, which is in this case, Mc Donald’s.
Yeezy Season 6

4. When you try to nail it 

In the middle of the sporty style, Kim takes time for some glam without losing the basis. Also, her fans take time to recreate almost any picture she posts on her Social Media profiles and we’re addicted to all these recreations.
Yeezy Season 6

5. Double, the better

If you didn’t know, one particular thing about the campaign is that there are Kim’s twins. Actually, this picture is literally about twins being clones. So, we can’t tell how genius is this move from the Kardashian leader.
Yeezy Season 6

6. Kim, is that you? Wait, no! It’s not Kim.

From all the posts we’ve seen so far, we can tell this is the most remarkable. In fact, we bet you thought it was Kim at first sight. But, take a look closer, and you’ll find out it’s another Kim’s clone. Not other than Paris Hilton!
Yeezy Season 6

7. If you give us reasons to laugh, we’re going to laugh out loud!

The real picture is next to her sister, Kourtney. But, many people in Social Media photoshopped themselves next to Kim so it recreates a casual moment in any groceries store.
Yeezy Season 6

8. OMG! We can’t say anything  funnier than the picture itself

Who makes famous to whom? A never-ending question when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But, when we’re talking about Yeezy season 6, we can’t deny Kim is a potential key to her husband’s work. Although, we can’t deny Kanye’s talent.
Yeezy Season 6

9. Marketing is also to make fun of yourself in any way possible

We just want to laugh about this. And, it comes as a result of the multiple recreation pictures we saw. Of course, someone makes fun of that too.
Yeezy Season 6

10. Recreating remarkable shots in Social Media

As seen in Time Square, this is the most famous picture of the campaign, and probably, the one with more recreations. Besides, she made it so easy to the fans because all you need is a cup of coffee and a car.


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